Pho Luca's

2915 W Cary St, Richmond
(804) 254-9588

Recent Reviews

susan brown

This place is wonderful! It is a family run business, the owner always stops by our table to make sure we are happy with everything, great customer service. We ordered the fresh spring rolls and the Imperial Vermicelli Bowl, it tasted so fresh and the egg roll on top of this entree is made from scratch, best we have ever had. We don’t live in Richmond, but when we do visit, we make sure to treat ourselves to lunch here. Can’t say enough about them, absolutely delicious!


Pho Luca's lives up to its reputation!My girlfriend and I went to Pho Lucas based on the recommendations of several Richmond locals and it did not disappoint.What we ordered:- Fresh Spring Rolls (100% order! they are amazing!)- Garlic Soy Butter Chicken Wings (they were good, but nothing special for me)- We both got the Luca Special Pho Bowl (fantastic!)The staff were amazing with being super kind and helpful!Would definitely recommend Pho Lucas!

Max B

Wow! This place is dank!Service 10/10Food 9/10Atmosphere 8/10We enjoyed the spring roll appetizer, the combination Beef Pho with spicy flavor bomb (I’ll skip the tendons next time though) and the imperial spring roll vermicelli bowl. Everything was flavorful and delicious and exactly what we were looking for. We will definitely return to this place!There is a sign on the door explaining why the menu prices have risen (due to needing to stay afloat during and after the pandemic) which I thought was very transparent and was happy to pay the extra dollar added. I’ve attached an image of the new prices which are still reasonable considering the quantity/quality.

Marie Shaffer

Our meal was amazing! The appetizers we had were the spring rolls (vegan and original) were very tasty and fresh. The dipping sauce had a nice peanut spice taste. Our Pho Soups were fantastic! Two of us had Beef Pho, 2 in the party had Chicken Pho and my husband had the Vegan Pho. All of were amazed at the flavors of the stock, rice noodles were perfect throughout the entire soup. The service was on point! The Thai Ice Tea was excellent as well! I highly recommend this restaurant!

Erin S.

The best Pho ever. The staff is wonderful and the owner is so sweet and always makes sure you are having a good dining experience. This is a once a week type of spot for me

Fiona H.

My husband and I went to Pho Luca's for the first time and we enjoyed it so much! The staff were friendly, the food was delicious and the price was right . We started off with the fried imperial rolls, so crispy and yummy. My husband got the fried chicken and rice, the rice was garlicky (yum) and the chicken was crispy and juicy. I got the pho and enjoyed it very much. The brisket in the pho was my favorite, nice and fatty, melts in your mouth! A large serving of noodles too, which was a plus. Love this little spot in Carytown! We want to come back and try their banh mi's. Highly recommend checking this place out!

Nguyen P.

great place to go for traditional no frills vietnamese food!! had the banh mi, summer rolls, and pepper wings, all solid choices for lunch

Reefer Monster

I have eaten at all the best restaurants in RVA. This place is right up there in my top 10. All of the food is amazing with great prices to boot! It is family run and you can taste it in each bite! Lastly the service is top notch. If you are looking for a great meal this place is it.

Tatiana Garcia

Staff was friendly and outgoing during my pickup, the pho broth might have been the best I’ve had, very flavorful (fatty but smooth?), and the peanut sauce was BOMB. Fair prices, would def come again

Jade H.

Torn bc it's such a cute little spot and the ppl there are so friendly, but my meal was mediocre . I ordered the Luca Bahn Mi and spring rolls. I expected an explosion of Flavors from the Luca Bahn mi but it was oddly bland? No hint of roasted garlic anything which was unfortunate bc the description really sold me on this sandwich!!! Also The bread wasn't crisp at all so i had to throw it in the air fryer. I did enjoy the spring rolls and the peanut dipping sauce was really good. I will have to say the best part of my meal was the little cup of pho broth that they served with the bahn mi . It was really good. I would love to give this place another shot, specifically for the pho!

Britt Nova

I love coming here! The owner is super nice and always visits our table. The rest of the staff always gives great service. The vegan pho is my favorite.

Gonzalo Aida

Great pho and lots of menu options!

Minh N

This place is kind of odd. Service, cleanliness, and overall experience is 10/10, something you NEVER find in an Asian restaurant lol. However the food leaves much to be desired, both in quality and quantity. Spring rolls don't even have real pork, instead they use cheap sausage (aka chả lụa). 2 large bowls here is the equivalent of 3 large bowls at any other pho place. I really liked the server though, super witty dude.

Mari Bolton

Juicy juicy pho broth and noodles. And they were playing Wipeout on the TVs, great choice ?. Drinks were fun and unique - I had a Thai iced tea with more than just iced tea if you know what I mean. All the appetizers were delicious too. Wish I hadn’t gotten so full so I could have eaten more.

Jason Hong

Excellent food. Very, very flavorful. The owner and staff are friendly and welcoming. Exceptional dining experience. If in doubt, don’t settle for a burger or pizza - try Pho Luca’s, you won’t be disappointed.

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