Roots Natural Kitchen

939 W Grace St, Richmond
(804) 477-7315

Recent Reviews

Kristin R.

An incredible healthy and yummy option for veggie eaters (me) or meat eaters (my hubby). It's the best tofu I've ever had! Our go to place for sure!

Pixel Cupcake

Ordered Roots for lunch for the first time in months and was very pleased with my order and how great the staff was! With everything crazy in the world right now, a nice and familiar meal makes a huge difference. Thank you Roots for making my day! My happy tummy thanks you too! ?? Stay safe and well.

Tiffany Jenna Farley

Ordered Roots for lunch for the first time in months and was very pleased with my order and how great the staff was! With everything crazy in the world right now, a nice and familiar meal makes a huge difference. Thank you Roots for making my day! My happy tummy thanks you too!

Gracie T.

This place is as good as it gets. I've gotten to try a bunch of the menu bowls (and a couple of my own creations) through the past few years and I will never get tired of this place! My favorite, and a crowd favorite, is the El Jefe bowl (pro tip -- add the roasted sweet potatoes to this bowl, and it's PERFECT)! They've done a great job for take out during COVID-19 as well, making ordering super fast and easy. Even when the place is open, the line is always to the door. But, they're super efficient with getting people in and out, making it a great stop for a lunch break or in between classes. The only trouble I've ever had was using their app to order, especially if you are ordering for more than one person at once. Make sure to select how many bowls you want first and then specify toppings for each one (took me and my boyfriend 3-4 times to figure that out!).

Frances O.

I just dont know what to say...i've been back in Richmond for all of 2 months and IM HOOKED!! No worries, I'll bring more lovers!!

Kitty P.

I ordered the EL Jefe from this restaurant I end up getting it delivered due to COVID 19. This is my first time eating from this restaurant. Preparation and delivery was timely. I did get a fork but no napkin. The bowl is rather large, I could not eat it all in one sitting. I like that they use all natural ingredients and that you have vegan options as well as options to make your own bowl. However the flavor was slightly Bland to me. I did utilize the dressing that was with it. I liked the crunch from the pita chips but they were soggy the next day when I wanted to finish my large meal. Perhaps utilizing some sort of nuts like pecans may be better to withhold the meal besides the pita chips. Chicken was fully cooked, I did receive large chunks. The kale tasted very fresh. I do wish they would carry other drink options besides the few available. Would I return? Ehhh?....probably not. But you should go an see for yourself depending on your own taste buds.

Ariana M

An employee came into work...touched the handles of the door the general public uses...then touched the POS that all the other employees use without washing their hands. Pandemic or not...if you work at a restaurant the first thing you do when you come to work is wash your hands. Makes me wonder what else happens there. The food is really good so that sucks

Holly Phillips

ordered food for delivery at VCU on two occasions it was never delivered. It was impossible to reach anyone by phone. I had to email and was refunded my money but they said it was delivered both times. The security guard at the front desk of the hospital said no food was ever delivered. Today seven nurses on my unit didn't get their lunch delivered. Good food when you can get it but don't order through their app!!!!

Hank N.

This is my go to fast food in Richmond, quick, efficient, delicious. I don't know how they make it so tasty, I've tried with kale, not quite the same. I have tried most of the preset bowls - only the ones with chicken. It's quite a bit of food all together, you won't be hungry and even if you finish it all like me in one sitting, you don't feel horrible. The sauces blend well, anything with avocado is just gravy. But great food:cost ratio, all around $10 or so, the healthiest thing you can get and quick to boot. Haven't tried any of the tofu bowls, but the chicken is juicy and delicious.

Cindy S.

I really love Roots. I even asked my friends to just order me a tofu bowl at Roots for my birthday last year. In my opinion, this is one of the best places to eat within walking distance at VCU campus. Roots is basically a salad version of chipotle, and they have so many different ingredient options to choose from. You have the option of ordering a custom bowl or selecting one of their signature bowls listed on the menu. If you're in a hurry, then choosing one of the signature bowls is a great idea. However, I feel like you can't even go wrong with anything here, so if you're going with the custom bowl, then just add what you would like because I'm sure it'll come out surprisingly delicious. The ingredients are fresh and flavorful. The bbq tofu and miso tofu here are marinated well and are really flavorful; however, they are grilled kinda dry and a little hard for me. One of the best things about this place is that they shake/mix all of your ingredients together for you before they put it into your bowl, so you don't have to make a mess yourself trying to get everything incorporated together. Definitely recommend trying this place out!

Nzinga B.

I've been wanting to this for a while now and during COVID-19, I couldn't wait until it was over to try this place. OMG THIS FOOD IS FREAKIN AWESOME!!! I got The Southern with brown rice and that BBQ tofu is sooooooo good. I will be back to try other dishes. The meatless Monday ever!!! I rid of the cheese, too

Katy Valentine

Food is awesome. I had an issue with my order and spoke with the manager on the phone. They were super nice and made me the stuff that was left out on my order and went the extra mile to make sure I was taken care of. I highly recommend this place.

Scott Mallory

Great place. Fast, delivery city’s and healthy. Super nice staff. Not only do you need to try this place but become a regular!

Garnet Fryling

AMAZING FOOD!!!!!! Thank y’all for doing what you do.. this is good food made with love and you can taste it!!! My new favorite restaurant in Richmond.

Hunter P.

I've never been here but have twice been a beneficiary of an office catering order. My colleague raved at how easy they made ordering with packages you can select from based on number of people. And everyone raved over the taste and how healthy the food is. Even the die-hard carnivores loved the BBQ tofu.The food arrived in a collection of bowls with separate ingredients--brown rice, chopped kale, pickled onions, feta cheese, baked sweet potato chunks, chopped chicken, BBQ tofu, etc. and we all assembled our own bowls with the ingredients of our choosing.Everyone was happy. Check this place out!

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