Corbin's Confections

18 E Main St, Salem
(540) 404-0300

Recent Reviews

Brittany Hendricks

We love this place! They are so easy to work with and the food is A+! We have lots of family members with Celiac and this is our go to shop

Benjamin Hartman

Great staff with friendly smiling places. Every order I have had from there for whatever the occasion was the food has been incredible. The eclairs that I ordered from this were absolutely delicious and loved by my family. My family and I highly recommend this to anyone!

Mallory Churning

So happy to have found a local dedicated gluten free bakery. Everything I have tried from donuts to cookies to cupcakes is incredible.

Alexandra Hostetler

Truly the BEST gluten free baked goods I’ve ever had. I had given up on enjoying donuts or cupcakes or bread after discovering my intolerance but Corbin’s is amazing and made it so I don’t have to give up any of that! My husband has enjoyed everything he’s gotten there too and he doesn’t even have the same dietary restrictions. Priced very reasonably for the products. And the owners/staff are some of the sweetest people!

August Ponstingel

One of few dedicated gluten free options around. SalemYummy baked goods and good pepperoni rolls. Very friendly staff.

Emily Ingram

Corbin’s by far has the BEST tasting/texture/moist desserts I’ve experienced since going gluten free. I am severely gluten intolerant and the rural area that I live in doesn’t have a GF bakery and finding Corbin’s was truly a treat on my road trip today. I ordered a donut (the sugar one that tastes like French toast), carrot cake cupcake, and a ciniamini! I’ve tried the donut and carrot cake so far and they are so delicious. Most GF stuff tastes grainy and dry, this was the complete opposite. I am 100% satisfied with the pricing and I feel it is more than fair for truly GF items. I would love it if shipping was an option, I’d probably be her #1 customer! I’ll definitely be coming back!

Sara Kelly

I was thrilled to find a completely gluten & tree nut free bakery while driving through town, especially one with awesome tasting food. The bread is to die for! The baked goods are pretty good too. The service is awesome and everyone is so friendly and helpful. The only downfall is that the prices are the highest I have encountered for a gf bakery (over $5 a cupcake & $3.50 for a donut ?). It is worth the occasional splurge though.Looking forward to my next visit to Salem just to visit this amazing bakery! ??

Spencer Larson

4/10 As far as selection. They have some things you might expect at a bakery/cafe/sweet shop. The "donuts" weren't actually donuts. They were just small cakes.0/10 as far as price. I got a small cupcake for over 5 dollars. It was pretty decent for a gluten-free dessert, but not $5.25. One small cinnamon roll, (seriously like 3 inches across) was 6 friggin dollars. The tiny "donut" was like $4. Taste wise, 6/10. Nothing tasted bad per se, just very disappointing for how much I paid. I expected somethimg a bit closer to perfection and had to settle for Corbin's.

Ron DeFoe

Great place to get gluten free and other allergen related products. The bread products have the right textures and flavors of non allergen products.

Erin Mills

Absolutely delicious! A gluten free person’s dream come true. We tried the lemon blueberry donut and the carrot cake cupcake and both were absolutely phenomenal! Kudos for mastering the gluten free snacks!

Adam Sutphin

Easily the best bakery in town! Love all the gluten free options and the staff is the best!

sarah robbins

My BIL brought a bunch of Corbin's goodies home to Bristol, and holy coww some of the best I've ever had. Seriously, I've been all over the country trying gluten free food and these were so fresh and flavorful. My only complaint is the hours. I have been feigning ever since. Every time I drive up to DC I look to stop in, of course that is during the weekend so I would love if Corbin's could be open on Sunday. :)

Kannon Z

Completely gluten and nut free facility! We had donuts and they were soft and sweet. Yummy! They had a huge selection and I can’t wait to go back and try their other treats.

Arkeif Robinson

Stopped here on my way home to Tennessee. Glad I did! The service was amazing but the food was even better. Its literally the best desserts and bread I ever tasted. Never have i ever had gluten free cakes and donuts that soft. Nothing was overly sweet, its was perfect. Wish they were closer! Thank you! Also those little bread rolls in had were so good!

Elizabeth V.

This bakery is a slice of heaven. All the cakes are beautiful and delicious, and the menu is fantastic, too.

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