Pho Na ( Saigon Rendezvous)

117 5th Ave SW, Olympia
(360) 352-1989

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Christina Tang

THE SERVICE WAS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!Our group of 20-25 tried to find a last minute place to eat that could fit all of us, we called multiple places and they all shut us down until we walked into Pho Na and they seated all of us immediately!! They rearranged all the tables banquet style so we all could sit together, and to top it all off, they gave us all free sodas!We all felt like VIPs at this restaurant, and the food was just as great as the service! It all did come out slowly and inconsistently (given that we are a huge group and they were probably not many people in the kitchen), but when it all came out we had no complaints. Delicious and we cannot thank them enough ?

Tiffany Schindler

Ordered two yellow curries and only one had any sugar in it; the other was spicier than expected and the chicken was overcooked - really bummed me out. Noodle dish didn’t include many noodles, but was delicious.

Sam H.

The bowls the pho come in are much smaller than other local options. The lack of provided rice noodles only make more obvious the non value. The vegetables in the Vegan version were barely blanched and had zero flavor. The Siracha they provide is not from red rooster despite the bottles. They are filling it up with a more vinegar-based brand which will corrupt your accustomed flavors. The server also did not know if their bread was vegan or not but said she would ask since they are out anyway and would let us know. She did not return and we will not either. We went to the wayside cafe after this experience because we were still hungry. Waste of money.

M A.

We were in a mood for pho and the Saigon pho here did not disappoint! Also had the calamari appetizer and the shrimp drunken noodles. Hit the spot!

Vicky C.

This place has the best broth I have ever had! Very tasty! It was so good, I forgot to even add sriracha and hoisin. I also ordered pad thai and to my great surprise, it was fantastic! I can't remember ever finding a Vietnamese restaurant that can do good Thai and vice versa until now. It's a rare thing, for sure. Based on the pad thai, I imagine the rest of their Thai food is really good, too. This is now my favorite pho place in town and in the top 3 in Thai, too.


I eat lots of pho and pretty often as well. I’ve tried lots of places in the Olympia area and this place has the best broth out of anyone I’ve had anywhere. It’s definitely my go to place now if I want pho and I’m in Olympia.

Jedediah K.

Great Pho, great customer service. The extra veggies actually means extra. Big servings with great flavor and broth. Friendly people who make sure you're taken care of. Highly recommended!

Lisa Hammond

It’s meh. Ordered Pad Se Ew and I will give them that there’s a good amount of vegetables, however not a good portion for the price and the dish seems very oily/watery? The spice level is decent/what I asked for, and the noodles and veggies are pretty flavorful, but the chicken is very dry, the flavors are not really cooked into the chicken at all, only on the outside, you bite into the chicken and it’s really dry and there’s almost no flavor.

Ellen C.

Delish veggie pho and Pad see ew with tofu. Not a fan of their Thai iced tea though - only because I prefer it sweet like your southern grandma sweet. Meat eater friends like their honey fried chicken as a dish to share. My Vietnamese American friend said it was not authentic but not bad while everyone else enjoyed it. Overall, clean place and friendly service!

Kiana W.

This is one of my favorite spots in Olympia. Itts only about a mile from my place and me and my partner love to come here. The service is always so nice and the food is always fresh and delicious. We love all three of the phos. I really like the reef roast one. Tried something new this last time and it was also great!

Kambria T.

Just was passing by and noticed the 4.5 star reviews online so I was expecting to get some good food. The crab delight had only cream cheese in them and were literally almost black from how overly fried they were. And the portions are children sized. I got the sauce for my salad and there was barely enough. Maybe a table spoon.

Claire G.

I ordered via door dash and it's a good 25 min from my house. But the food arrived hot and delicious. Honestly I had low expectations because the other Thai food I have tried in town has been serviceable at best. This food was really good. I ordered again the next day because it left me so happy. The honey chicken is awesome and the pad Thai was definitely the best I have had in town. So happy to have found this Gem of a restaurant. I am going to try the Vietnamese pho next.

Mo W

How is that enough sauce for 10 egg rolls? Pretty skimpy. The sauce was the only thing that made them palatable---they tasted like what you'd get in the freezer aisle. The fried noodles had great flavor but also came in small portions.

Rok J.

Tasty vittles in large'ish portions at reasonable price. Staff is proficient & solicitous, if not notably cordial. Premises are pretty enough in neutral tones & open seating area. Our meal was five eggrolls to start, a chicken fried rice plate, a turkey veggie stir fry, and a chicken coconut curry with rice. All meals got good marks for flavor & texture. Downside of this eatery is its location in the heart of downtown Olympia, complete with the unsavory characters (pick your unsavory of choice - unkempt & unwashed, stoned, talking to invisible people, grocery cart homeless, raving mad, indigent, leftover hippies of any & all ages, outsiders & outcasts & dropouts, panhandlers of varying levels of aggression & audacity, the whole spectrum is on display) who've pretty much taken over the area. For those not used to the combat zone mentality, it's intimidating. For the rest of us, it's just an extended stroll on constant condition orange. Too bad, since this and other decent eateries are located there.


Pretty good. Fewer noodles than expected in the pho and we got long ribs in the short rib pho! Flavors were good in both the pho and pad se ew and pad Thai. Loved the spaced tables!

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