Kizuki Ramen & Izakaya

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4502 S Steele St Suite 501A, Tacoma
(253) 650-0639


Google Google: 4.4

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Fantastic food and service! I have been going to the one in Seattle for years, but I'm stoked to know that there is one closer to me in Tacoma, and they did not disappoint! We will definitely be coming here again!

Get the garlic rich pork tonkotsu. Add an extra slice of pork belly and some woodear mushrooms. Order the chicken kaarage, one order per person because this stuff is ADDICTIVE. Great service too!

What’s disappointing is the first time we came it was amazing, we came early in the day and the food was impressive. The second time at night it was awful, the server didn’t even know what was going on. I continued to watch her fix other tables problems while we waited. We felt forced into ordering quickly like we were being pushed out. Our food was cold and bland and felt like it was just thrown together. It was really gross.

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Garlic Tonkatsu Shoyu Ramen
限定特濃ニンニクとんこつ醤油ラーメン限量特濃 蒜香屯骨醬油拉麵 | Specialty extra-rich shoyu-flavored pork broth with lots of garlic
Yuzu Shio Ramen
ゆず塩ラーメン 柚香拉麵 | French sea salt, kelp, and Japanese citrus base
Shio Ramen
塩ラーメン 鹽味拉麵 | French sea salt, kelp, and bonito base
Shoyu Ramen
醤油ラーメン醬油拉麵 | Flavored with slightly sweet soy sauce from Yamaguchi prefecture in Japan
Chicken Rich Ramen
鶏そば 雞湯拉麵 (醬油/鹽味 | All-chicken hearty broth with no pork, topped with chicken chashu.
Chicken Ramen
鶏そば 純雞拉麵 | Choose between shoyu or shio ramen topped with chicken chashu.
Spicy Ramen
スパイシーラーメン辣味拉麵 | Rich Pork Broth Flavored with a housemade blend of chilies, garlic, and spices.
Miso Ramen
味噌ラーメン 特選北海道味增拉麵 | Rich pork broth blended with a Hokkaido miso and garlic paste
Veggie Ramen
ベジタブルラーメン 蔬食拉麵 | Slightly spicy, all vegetarian shiitake mushroom and kelp stock flavored with miso and thickened with soy milk and ground sesame seeds
Tsukemen Dipping Noodle
つけ麺 特厚沾麵 | Broad, chewy noodle dipped into extra strong, flavored broth for drinking.
Hakata Ramen
Rich, Hakata-style pork broth topped with pork belly, wood ear mushrooms, green onions, and sesame seeds.

Ramen Toppings

Chicken Chashu
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