Bars near Darlington

Glennies Bar & Grill • $
203 Main St, Darlington

Customers` Favorites

Grilled Cheese Lettuce and Tomato and Sweet Potato Fries
Cheese Burger

“I really enjoy my meal. My party also said the food was really good. My hamburger was large and very delicious. The place is very clean. I appreciated being wheelchair accessible.Wheelchair accessibility: The ramp to the front door was great. The bathrooms were wheel chair compatible.“

4.6 Superb39 Reviews
Spot Tavern Bar • $
120 W Alice St, Darlington

“Stopped in a week ago, enjoying the day with my two nieces. we had a blast. The distinguished bartender kept us in stiches all afternoon. The regulars treated us like old friends. Returning!Parking: I had a 4 wheel walker and parked in front. Nice ramp to ft. door where the barkeep hurried to get the door for me and the girls.Wheelchair accessibility: nice ramp to tavern!“

4.7 Superb3 Reviews
Salathe Saloon Bar • $
414 Main St, Darlington
3 Average2 Reviews
Outsider's Bar • $
5890 Main St, Gratiot - 8.58 miles

Customers` Favorites

Gratiot Burger and Chive Fries

“Camping in town and decided to hit the bar. Had some pretty good food there. Nice selection of food. Bartender was nice. Had a great sense of humor. The bars dog was friendly too. Had the drink called Beaver Balls and it was pretty good. Got myself a beaver balls tshirt too. Will be back next time I'm in town.“

5 Superb15 Reviews
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