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My husband and I have had Geico for over 15 years and never incurred a problem until recently when I called to get a quote on a vehicle I was possibly going to purchase, I wanted to put it on a separate policy than the one we already had for our 3 vehicles and I specifically told the person not to remove my every day driving vehicle from our policy. Well I didn't end up purchasing the extra vehicle and then 2 weeks later I called Geico to find out how much a policy full review
I recently called Geico's customer service and innocently asked for information about my coverage and they logged the call as a claim against my policy. They then significantly raised my rates, and assigned a black mark to my completely clean driving record with no tickets, accidents, or claims in decades. This now prevents me from going to other companies for competitive rates for seven years. Their underwriters admitted that this is their policy and there's nothing full review

They have been charging me for auto insurance on a car that I dont even own and just wanted a quote on.. they've charged my card without my concent for 3 months now which adds up to about $1800. And now they want me to bring them a letter from the dealership that the car was never purchased in order for them to refund me my money back. They are thieves. Take your business else where. Dont risk them funneling 1.8k or more out of your bank account.

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