The Dark Manor Inn - CLOSED

Whiskey Bar

4298 Fraser St, Vancouver



Reviews for The Dark Manor Inn

Sad to hear you guys are closing, but so thankful that I had a chance to go. Great job on the space, drinks and food was delicious. We really had fun! And you managed to spook us with one of the special effects as we were leaving. Well done and all the best to what you do next!

I really enjoyed the atmosphere! It's very unique, the drinks are creative, and the staff are very friendly. My only advice was it's a bit to loud to have a conversation at the table.

The food was delicious, sure it's smaller plates but they are yummy and we just kept ordering more tasty food. The drinks are good, booze forward. I LOVE Tuesdays for Dark Island - the spooky tiki fusion is awesome with the more sweet and sour drinks avail - plus the gogo dancing is great!

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