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We came to the epicurious garden to get a gelato, but the lovely man behind the counter gave us a sample of the cheesecake and we ended up having to get both! The bourbon vanilla cheesecake paired fabulously with the earl grey gelato from next door. We’d come back for more for sure if we weren’t moving away!

The cutest cheesecakes ever! I feel like these little things are perfect if you want a lil sweet thang that's not too overbearing or heavy. We got the Midnight and White, which was pretty good. Tbh not the best cheesecake I've had, and I felt like it was a bit on the crumblier side. It wasn't the rich and creamy cheesecake I was expecting, but still pretty decent and good proportion of oreo crumbs inside. But the cake is also not very cheap at like $7 for a full review
What a great cheesecake find in Berkeley's Epicurious Garden! (Across from Cheese Board) Great service and helpful explanations about the high quality ingredients that go into these gems. Freshest cheesecake I've ever had! I tried the Tuesday special: buy-two, get-one-free Babyquakes Trio. I picked Key Lime, Cappucino, and plain. Exquisite! If you happen to make graham cracker crust pies at home, they also sell HOMEMADE graham cracker crumbs from high quality full review

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Breads And Pastries

Apple Apricot Muffin
Organic white flour, orange juice, brown sugar, rice bran oil, sugar, flax meal, dried apples, pecans, organic rolled oats, wheat germ, dried apricots, baking soda, cinnamon, vanilla, sea salt, water.
Asiago Rolls
Organic white flour, water, asiago cheese, onions, marjoram, yeast, sea salt.
Organic white flour, water, sourdough starter, onions, poppy seeds garlic olive oil, sea salt.
Cheesy English Muffins
Organic white flour, water, sourdough starter, assorted cheeses, sea salt.
City Batard
Organic bread flour, water, sourdough starter, sea salt.
Asiago Cheese Bread
Organic white flour, water, asiago cheese, onions, marjoram, yeast, sea salt.
Berkeley Buns
Organic white flour, water, assorted mystery cheeses, onions, curry powder, black pepper, yeast, sea salt, organic corn meal.
Bread Sticks
Organic white flour, water, sea salt, yeast.
Organic white flour, water, sea salt, yeast.
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