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1511 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley


Reviews for CheeseQuakes!

The cheesecakes are really good, a solid cheesecake. But you are spending so much for nothing. The personal cheesecake is $7 but its almost two bites. The cheesecake is​ good but nothing really makes them stand out​. I would suggest going to Safeway​ down the way and buying an entire cheesecake for the same price. I mean if someone else is paying go for it, the strawberry is really good. If you are paying skip and save your money for something that isn't gonna wow you.

Discovered this little place the other day. I like how they have several sizes go choose from and many flavors. It's on the pricey side - about $7.50 for a small cheesecake but it's soo good. Highly recommend this place if cheesecake is one of your favorite desserts. I can vouch that the raspberry swirl, mango , and Jamocha fudge are great !

We came to the epicurious garden to get a gelato, but the lovely man behind the counter gave us a sample of the cheesecake and we ended up having to get both! The bourbon vanilla cheesecake paired fabulously with the earl grey gelato from next door. We'd come back for more for sure if we weren't moving away!

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1511 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley, CA 94709
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