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This tsukemen forced itself into my dreams. I ate there once, and literally couldn't stop thinking about it, for weeks on end. The noodles were a perfect Q, but it was the broth, that broth was soooooo umami! I ate all the noodles, and asked for more just to soak up all that flavorful broth! After I went home, I kept telling my husband about it... I found myself yelping tsukemen to find a place closer to me with shorter wait times, and I tried numerous places, but none full review
We were walking around The Americana on a cold January night looking for a warm meal. The wait was too long, as it always is at Cheesecake Factory so we went over to The Tsujita to look at the menu. My friends who love tsukemen style ramen have always told me I have to try Tsujita. The menu looked good, and the place was pretty busy but had a couple of tables free so we decided to try it out. We were seated in the middle part of the restaurant. A sort of large communal full review

Super. Salty. I've been here twice over a span of however long they've been open (once when they first opened, and another time this past winter) and my lasting impression/memory is that it's super salty. The noodles and broth are baseline good and flavorful, but just super salty. All I can think about as I take my next bite is how bloated I'm gonna be the next day. Aside from that, staff is friendly, attentive, and prices are comparable to other craft ramen spots.

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889 Americana Way, Glendale, CA 91210
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