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Very bad experience with them first lady told me that my order not need microwave I trust her when I test it was bad I go bake and I spoke with the author lady and to chang the order but the test still very bad I will not go bake again Not recommend Bad customer service Bad service

This is one of our favorite places to get cinnamon buns especially the PECAN cinnamon buns! When we crave it, we go out and buy the big boxes. We couldn't pass by it and not get any. So we decided to buy a box of them! Once we decided what we wanted, we kindly asked Emily who works there to put extra topping on for us. She kindly did so and was really nice about it. She gave us really great service. I would of left five stars, but the other employee named Jocelyn wasn' full review
I remember when back in the day, I would come here with family all the time to pick up packs of six. It really shocked me how much they've changed since then! I picked up a pack of six, and not only did the price shoot way up ($19.99 per box post-tax), they didn't let me wait for a box of hot ones! They had boxes of (cold) ones sitting there, and the cashier made me take one of those. Definitely not a fan. He did give me two extra spreads though which was nice. But still, I full review

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About Cinnabon

You can't go wrong with a Classic Cinnabon. You can also get them in Mini Bon versions for a more pop-able treat. For extra gooey goodness, try the Caramel PecanBon. It's a twist on the classic with caramel and pecans thrown on top for even more pleasure. If you just love the center of the roll, why not just get it? The Center of the Roll is the best part of the Cinnabon, loving stowed in a bowl with plenty of frosting on top. Heaven! Don't forget a cup of hot or iced coffee, or go all out with a Chillatta, creamy blended beverages. They come in delicious flavors like Oreo, Cinnamon Roll Coffee, Chocolate Mocha, Strawberry, and Tropical Blast. Plus, the new hot cocoas made with Ghirardelli chocolate go perfectly with every Cinnabon variety.