Taco Bell in Modesto

Taco Bell - 4911 McHenry Ave

Rating: 4.5

4911 McHenry Ave, Modesto CA 95356
(209) 572-0314

Excellent customer service! We meant to order something without sour cream, and forgot to request it ahead of time. Staff had no problem remaking it without charging us.

Taco Bell - 1493 Herndon Rd

Rating: 4.3

1493 Herndon Rd, Modesto CA 95351
(209) 521-2814

Love that this can be one of the healthiest fast food places to eat if you know what not too get 🍗

Taco Bell - 1416 Kansas Ave

Rating: 4.3

1416 Kansas Ave, Modesto CA 95351
(209) 522-7938

They got everything right and the food was good!

Taco Bell - 3601 Yosemite Ave

Rating: 4.2

3601 Yosemite Ave, Modesto CA 95357
(209) 578-4139

Very clean and nice people too

Taco Bell - 1241 Standiford Ave

Rating: 4

1241 Standiford Ave, Modesto CA 95350
(209) 523-3556

I would like to say that the young lady who helped me was very helpful and was very good at her job that she was doing cleaning helping making sure that we were comfortable thank her for her help from Jack her new customer

Taco Bell - 1800 Prescott Rd

Rating: 4

1800 Prescott Rd, Modesto CA 95350
(209) 523-2990

Quick bite, affordable, friendly staff!

Taco Bell - 2517 Oakdale Rd

Rating: 4

2517 Oakdale Rd, Modesto CA 95355
(209) 551-8612

I don't like the placement of your menu board in the drive thru. And, I don't like ANY local location's menu styles and structures. They are mismatched and don't flow easily. Too many paired options take up too much space on your boards. And the turn over of items offered is becoming annoying. "Is it there, or did they...read more

Taco Bell - 3900 Pelandale Ave

Rating: 3.8

3900 Pelandale Ave, Modesto CA 95356
(209) 545-3915

Okay so my husband and I aren't big fast food people. so when we make a choice to eat fast food we choose taco Bell. They really do have the freshest ingredients. Plus our son worked at one for years so we know how they make their food. Today we chose the grilled stuffed burrito. Yummy. We were driving home from a long...read more

Taco Bell - 1438 Coffee Rd

Rating: 3.6

1438 Coffee Rd, Modesto CA 95355
(209) 341-0545

Store was busy, clean and service was good. Food was yummy, grandsons were happy.

Taco Bell - 825 9th St

Rating: 3.5

825 9th St, Modesto CA 95354
(209) 526-6914

I was surprised at how different Taco Bell is in taste and menu options compared to the one in Australia. I loved the taste and enjoyed the items I bought. Will be going back again before I leave Medesto.

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