Taco Bell in Stockton

Taco Bell - 5025 S

Rating: 4

5025 S, CA-99, Stockton CA 95215
(209) 946-4713

Good food for a good price. In and out in under 5 minutes. New Carolina Reaper sauce is okay, not too hot though, even with being soaked and smothered in fire sauce. All in all, 4/5 stars. Drive thru, quick eats, free public parking and public bathroom.

Taco Bell - 627 N Wilson Way

Rating: 4

627 N Wilson Way, Stockton CA 95205
(209) 466-1328

Love Taco Bell, the $5 cravings box is a great deal.

Taco Bell - 3714 E Hammer Ln

Rating: 3.8

3714 E Hammer Ln, Stockton CA 95212
(209) 477-0608

Nice atmosphere and friendly employees

Taco Bell - 45 E Harding Way

Rating: 3.7

45 E Harding Way, Stockton CA 95204
(209) 943-2782

The guy working the drive through was very nice, and very cute and flirty! Made my morning cause i left the house tore up!

Taco Bell - 4327 East

Rating: 3.7

4327 East, CA-88, Stockton CA 95215
(209) 931-5815

Good place to eat for senior

Taco Bell - 5115 West Ln

Rating: 3.6

5115 West Ln, Stockton CA 95210
(209) 478-7336

I love this place because when they had the nacho box they should FILL it up

Taco Bell - 2407 W March Ln

Rating: 3.6

2407 W March Ln, Stockton CA 95207
(209) 952-0421

Happy hr 3-5pm. $1 icees. My son liked the watermelon. And i loved the strawberry skittles!

Taco Bell - 532 W Hammer Ln

Rating: 3.5

532 W Hammer Ln, Stockton CA 95210
(209) 477-9566

Very nice location with quick and friendly service. Great food customized as requested and served nice and hot. Only issue comes from the drinks tasting way too carbonated and limited options due to machine not fully functioning. Was also told they were out of Mild Sauce yet it was restocked about 5 minutes later.

Taco Bell - 3507 W Hammer Ln

Rating: 3.3

3507 W Hammer Ln, Stockton CA 95219
(209) 477-9582

The new interior is noice! I like the slim kiosk where I can order my food as well. The new seats have electrical outlets where you can sit down and charge your phone or laptop etc.

Taco Bell - 864 W Charter Way

Rating: 3.2

864 W Charter Way, Stockton CA 95206
(209) 946-0970

I always come to this location, wonderful customer service. Lovely staff. A small but CLEAN place. Makes me feel at home. Thank you. Will be returning very soon! 👍

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