Taco Bell in Stockton

Taco Bell - 5025 S

Rating: 4

5025 S, CA-99, Stockton CA 95215
(209) 946-4713

For quick lunch this is still the best! The service is good, fast like fast food should be. And the restaurant was clean and so were restroom.

Taco Bell - 627 N Wilson Way

Rating: 4

627 N Wilson Way, Stockton CA 95205
(209) 466-1328

Taco Bell has always been one of my favorite fast food restaurants. I love their menu. Since being a vegetarian Taco Bell has always provided me with numerous options and the ability to substitute any menu item with beans or potatoes that has meat to make it vegetarian. They have great prices , great options and never let...read more

Taco Bell - 3714 E Hammer Ln

Rating: 3.8

3714 E Hammer Ln, Stockton CA 95212
(209) 477-0608

It's fast food. Yum.

Taco Bell - 2407 W March Ln

Rating: 3.5

2407 W March Ln, Stockton CA 95207
(209) 952-0421

This place has done a complete 180. Their food has always been good but in the past they have been a little slow at night. But my recent visits have been nothing but excellent service and quick. They currently have an awesome crew. Thank you.

Taco Bell - 5115 West Ln

Rating: 3.5

5115 West Ln, Stockton CA 95210
(209) 478-7336

Great deals! I normally get the Grande meal which includes 10 of any combination of crunchy tacos/ soft tacos/ bean burritos. If feeds my family of 5 to the fullest even with some leftovers. But the price of this is approximately $13. This time I opted to get 2 cravings deals which are $5 a piece and included 6 different...read more

Taco Bell - 532 W Hammer Ln

Rating: 3.5

532 W Hammer Ln, Stockton CA 95210
(209) 477-9566

We went through the drive through and got a Grande meal. All in all I'm happy with our order and experience but feel that sometimes the food here is bland and wish they had a better selection.

Taco Bell - 45 E Harding Way

Rating: 3.5

45 E Harding Way, Stockton CA 95204
(209) 943-2782

The food was fast and it tasted like it was supposed to. The people are more business type which I don't mind. Some homeless hang around but it is Harding. The homeless have made going the rest room there a bit difficult, due to asking someone to unlock it Everytime. They will not give the code out so if there taking a...read more

Taco Bell - 4327 East

Rating: 3.4

4327 East, CA-88, Stockton CA 95215
(209) 931-5815

Taco Bell is always an interesting place to eat just the other day I went to Taco Bell and they have these new things called nacho fries now people these nacho fries are the best snack that I have ever tasted at any fast food restaurant ever but you have to have the cheese sauce and nacho cheese sauce to go with the nacho...read more

Taco Bell - 3507 W Hammer Ln

Rating: 3.3

3507 W Hammer Ln, Stockton CA 95219
(209) 477-9582

For some reason Everytime I go in here it's super quiet and no one ha. Sometimes that's what I need. No rush on them, food comes out nice.. then jump back on the freeway.

Taco Bell - 864 W Charter Way

Rating: 3.3

864 W Charter Way, Stockton CA 95206
(209) 946-0970

Very friendly staff, clean lobby and excellent bathrooms. Food was good and normal for Taco Bell. This location is newer or was recently remodeled as it has the new aesthetics that Taco Bell is doing. The only down side was the parking lot which is on the smaller side.

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