Burger King in San Jose

Burger King - 2390 Almaden Rd

Rating: 4 - 78 Reviews


2390 Almaden Rd, San Jose CA 95125
(408) 264-7956

Burger King

I love this location the staff is always friendly and the food always comes out nice and hot and fresh. when I ask for extra sauces they always give it to me this is my favorite Burger King out of all the locations ive been to! I highly recommend this Burger King and I will be back.

Burger King - 385 South Kiely Blvd

Rating: 3.4 - 82 Reviews


385 South Kiely Blvd, San Jose CA 95129
(408) 248-8740

Burger King

I've eaten here 4 times in about 2 months. Food is always hot and tastes okay. I'm rating it a 5 compared to their contemporaries. It can only taste so good. It's not pizza. Staff is friendly and actually talk a little.

Burger King - 2532 Channing Ave

Rating: 3.1 - 74 Reviews


2532 Channing Ave, San Jose CA 95131
(408) 944-0101

Burger King
What an exquisite experience! It's so great to see a family business thrive like this. They have an eclectic menu that caters to a sophisticated palette. The service was top drawer and my meal was prepared at the table! The wine list is enormous and the sommelier was very skilled at suggesting pairings. The decor was very...read more

Burger King - 1181 Oakland Rd

Rating: 3 - 86 Reviews


1181 Oakland Rd, San Jose CA 95112
(408) 287-3332

Burger King

They have juicy burgers with out sesame seeds & their DELICIOUS i mean it helps u want to want One more burger.

Burger King - 329 N Capitol Ave

Rating: 2.9 - 73 Reviews


329 N Capitol Ave, San Jose CA 95133
(408) 923-8000

Burger King

Awesome service and dedicated to staff- the gentlemen was able to assist me quickly and accurately in a professional manner. Thank you again for making my experience great. Keep up the great work and See you soon!

Burger King - 6477 Almaden Rd Spc D-1a

Rating: 2.9 - 52 Reviews


6477 Almaden Rd Spc D-1a, San Jose CA 95120
(408) 997-2817

Burger King

The food is regularly well prepared and delicious, cashiers gives good customer service. I liked how neat it is and atmosphere. Worth a try.

Burger King - 4040 Monterey Rd

Rating: 2.8 - 66 Reviews


4040 Monterey Rd, San Jose CA 95111
(408) 365-7761

Burger King
First time at this location and the experience was very pleasant! Came here for breakfast take out this morning and was greeted immediately by the cashier. Since I ordered 6 servings she was super nice to suggested changing some of my coffee to orange juice but since I've already paid she still let me exchanged them for...read more

Burger King - 2170 Monterey Rd

Rating: 2.7 - 74 Reviews


2170 Monterey Rd, San Jose CA 95112
(408) 297-2673

Burger King

I haven't gone to this location in a long time since I was 18 and had a problem with a staff member. Today I decided to go since it was closer, the staff is polite and funny, my burger was ready before I even got my drink. The cashier Kim was very polite, definitely changed my mind from my last experience.

Burger King - 1305 N Bascom Ave

Rating: 2.7 - 73 Reviews


1305 N Bascom Ave, San Jose CA 95128
(408) 261-1169

Burger King
I go to this unique restaurant often as I enjoy the good air that is outline this restaurant. The personel is extremely loving and skilfull. The service is exceptionally quick. Needless to say, the food they serve is highly distinguished. I ate there more than once and I was always joyful. The pay is fair. I recommend...read more

Burger King - 3098 Story Rd

Rating: 2.5 - 80 Reviews


3098 Story Rd, San Jose CA 95127
(408) 729-5400

Burger King

Lots of parking, easy to get in, park, get food and back out in about five minutes. Busy parent.

Burger King - 635 E Capitol Expy

Rating: 2.5 - 65 Reviews


635 E Capitol Expy, San Jose CA 95111
(408) 226-2220

Burger King

I really liked their dishes and customer service, awesome area next to where I live. The workers are always helpful. I highly recommend this place.

Burger King - 1030 McLaughlin Ave

Rating: 2.4 - 82 Reviews


1030 McLaughlin Ave, San Jose CA 95122
(408) 279-1860

Burger King

One of my main spots to grab some food. awesome location, well kept, and very good customer service. A must try!

Burger King - 936 Blossom Hill Rd

Rating: 2.4 - 88 Reviews


936 Blossom Hill Rd, San Jose CA 95123
(408) 225-4560

Burger King

I did the online order for the first time it was a little confusing in the beginning but now that I got the hang of it I like it and will continue to use it.

Burger King - 5154 Moorpark Ave

Rating: 2.2 - 78 Reviews


5154 Moorpark Ave, San Jose CA 95129
(408) 253-5460

Burger King

Good stuff. A bit small. But the wheelchair accessible bathrooms can actually help people.

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