6 Best Japanese Restaurants near San Luis Obispo

Goshi | Japanese Restaurant Japanese • $$
570 Higuera St #155, San Luis Obispo

Customers` Favorites

California Roll & Sashimi or Albacore Tataki
Salad and Miso Soup
Sashimi of the Day
Sushi and Sashimi
Vegetable Tempura
Dinner E Sashimi
Halibut Tempura
Seaweed Salad

“Oishi Goshi! Goshi takes the spot for best Asian food in SLO, and that's not just because there are a grand total of less than 10 Asian food places in SLO. They offer a fanfare of great tasting Japanese dishes, from sushi to donburi to udon. Service is impeccable and impressive considering how busy this place gets relative to the wait staff here. It's apparent that they take the extra step to try to source quality, fresh fish and ingredients where they can. I like to order from the colored "specials paper" which has seasonal fish and chef's specials that try to incorporate recent catches/shipments. I will say this, though: Goshi is not a super high-end establishment that crosses every T and dots every I. Just today I had a piece of lotus tempura that was notably old/sour, and that's okay! For the overall quality and cost, I don't think there's a better deal around, and I'm certain that there's nothing comparable as far as JP food goes within an hour's drive. The interior of the restaurant feels nice and vibrant, in no small part due to the crazy hecticness that I mentioned earlier. It's notoriously difficult to get a seat here, so if you're doing a walk-in, come early at the start of lunch/dinner service and expect a 90 minute wait. Otherwise, get a headstart with a reservation online.“

4.4 Superb96 Reviews
Kumi Ko Japanese • $$
3830 Broad St, San Luis Obispo

Customers` Favorites

Bento Box Lunch Combo Sesame Chicken Spicy Tuna Roll Shrimp and Veggie Tempura
Spanish Mackerel Sashimi
Nice Salad and Edamame
California Cut Roll
Assorted Tempura
Salmon Teriyaki
Salad and Soup
Salmon Sushi
Chirashi Bowl
Rainbow Roll

“Great place for family dinner. The kids were happy coloring with provided crayons and the waitress was happy to help them with chopstick cheaters (plastic apparatus placed at the end to turn them into tongs). They loved the Ramune marble drinks and there was a fair selection of flavors. There were plenty of non-sushi options too.The udon is great but I love the special cut rolls. The miso soup is tasty and the edamame is great too.The ambiance is better after they painted the ceiling and the bathroom is always clean!Parking: Usually easy to find parking and I appreciate lights at night.Kid-friendliness: The kids“

4 Good50 Reviews
Yanagi Sushi Sushi • $$
1203 Marsh St, San Luis Obispo

Customers` Favorites

Assorted Sushi and Rainbow Roll
California Roll
Hawaiian Salad
Alaskan Roll

“I am a sushi lover and therefore have tried most places in SLO and North County. With Yanagi I know that I will receive quality, freshness and consistently. Also I have been to the Paso Location and Pismo and SLO. Every location is Awesome and has the same delicious items and yummy menu with friendly owners and staff!“

4 Good39 Reviews
Arigato Sushi Sushi • $
667 Marsh St, San Luis Obispo

Customers` Favorites

Super Dragon Deep-Fried Front Spicy Philadelphia Middle Oceans 11 Back
Pacific Secret Special Roll
Red Hot Night Roll
Sushi and Sashimi
Spicy Tuna Roll
Small Chirashi
Sashimi Sampler
Salmon Sashimi
Seaweed Salad
Miso Soup

“This spot is the best sushi place in town, in my opinion. We come here every time we're in the area. They have the best prices, awesome sushi, and some of the friendliest staff around.I recommend this place to everyone and anyone who is going to SLO.“

3.9 Good54 Reviews
HaHa Sushi And Ramen Japanese • $
1065 Olive St, San Luis Obispo

Customers` Favorites

Super Salmon Roll
Chicken Teriyaki
Spicy Tuna Roll
California Roll
Sushi Variety
Miso Soup

“Omg. That was a lot of food I got. The sushi rolls are pretty big… nothing like the ones I get in LA, and prices are reasonable. They are also open until late. I got two sushi rolls and ramen. I enjoyed the food… Their Thai tea was SUPER FIREEEEE!“

3.8 Good54 Reviews
201 Kitchen SLO Japanese • $
857 Higuera St, San Luis Obispo

Customers` Favorites

Chicken Teriyaki Bowl
Spicy Tuna
Miso Soup

“BEST. PLACE. EVER. run don’t walk, seriously. The food is so amazing but the service cannot be topped. The chef gave us a free roll and two free desserts AND gave the birthday girl a box of chocolates. He is the sweetest man alive and I will give him my first born.“

3.7 Good77 Reviews
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