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1300 S Pearl St, Denver
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Fascinating resturant, really enjoyed the whole experience. A little bit different dining experience than the norm but the way they get your for ordered up and sat seemed to really work. The chicken was delicious and the sides were quite delectable as well. It's a cozy open resturant with all the amenities and a great location. You'll love it, just go try it.

Very good chicken. Juicy and flavorful. The veggie side was interesting. Not sure what kind of slices are in there but it tastes middle eastern. The Mac n cheese is pretty good. The avocado chicken sandwich was ok. It's not anything to rave about but is a good lunch option.

Fantastic. Husband and I entered and ordered at the counter. It was pretty loud, so we didn't hear what the other ordered. We grabbed a bottle of water and cups and headed to the only open seats at the back counter. The back counter has 3 seats that face the charcoal pit. My husband was captivated by the spits filled with chickens, which we called "chicken TV." Turns out we ordered way too much food, but it was all delicious. We each got a quarter full review

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