Moe's Southwest Grill - 3443 SW Archer Rd

Mexican, Take Out, Fast Food, Tex-Mex

3443 SW Archer Rd, Gainesville
(352) 367-8565



Reviews for Moe's

I don't recommend at all. I walked in there was one worker at the counter. There were no other customers in the restaurant. I wad not greeted or acknowledged. Five minutes later another worker came out the back. Didn't say anything to me. When I finally got to order the food i ordered a bowl. The worker acted like he didn't want be there. The food was cold there was barely any meat on my bowl. I would have gotten better food at the taco bell across the street. Cold food bad service.

Went to Moe's a couple of times, both were disappointing.. . There's a reason Moe's offers a veritable island of sauces and other condiments. Their meats are very plainly-seasoned. You need whatever salt and MSG and other stuff in the condiments to amp up the flavor.

It was fine. My experience would have been better if my order didn't have to be restarted. The employee messed it up because he was substantially impaired by being high as balls. At one point he literally handed me an empty cup, because he was too high to remember he hadn't put queso in it and he had to charge me for it separately. Ultimately the food was what I expected from Moe's, so 3 stars, I guess.

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About Moe's

Your first time at Moe's might take you a while to order. But that's ok. The staff is always patient and knowledgeable, offering their suggestions that will help guide you to a decision. Plus, the other patrons in line with you will be happy to steer you along. The menu items have such fun pop culture-themed names like the burritos Joey Bag of Donuts and Art Vandalay. Of course, you can always customize your order exactly as you want it. So choose a protein like grass-fed steak, all-natural chicken, pork carnitas, 100% ground beef or organic tofu, to make it exactly as you want it. The burritos are massive but you can opt to get them in junior size for less of a gut-busting experience. Try tacos with clever names like Funkmeister and Taco Called Wanda. Nachos come in Billy Barou (your choice of meat) or Ruprict (vegetarian) for a perfectly crunchy munchie. Don't forget about Quesadillas, burrito bowls like Earmuffs and Band Camp, and the rest of the of the line-up of delicious items. A salsa bar awaits, allowing you to grab your choice of salsas which as you may have guessed, all have clever I-see-what-you-did-there names. Perhaps one of the best perks of eating at Moe's is the free chips and salsa that come with your meal. That means you will never ever leave Moe's feeling hungry. The music here is always groovin' too. It's hand-curated, featuring music from the greats who left us all too soon. Moe's really does roll to its own beat. You'll find everything you're looking for in a chill place to be. Guacamole, Queso, sour cream...get it! But you won't find microwaves in any Moe's, which is really refreshing. Because when you go out for fast casual, you still expect Quality.