Burger King in Ocala

Burger King - 2728 NW Pine Ave

Rating: 4.3

2728 NW Pine Ave, Ocala FL 34475
(352) 629-6845

Great place very clean and friendly crew.

Burger King® - 7801 SW State Rd 200

Rating: 4

7801 SW State Rd 200, Ocala FL 34476
(866) 394-2493

Pretty good here. Although it can take a while to get your food, but the chicken tenders are quite good. The most recent time I went (29 June 2019), the regular chicken nuggets tasted funky, like maybe freezer burnt or something. But it is usually a good place to grab a bite.

Burger King - 2696 SW College Rd

Rating: 4

2696 SW College Rd, Ocala FL 34471
(352) 237-4462

Very good place to go and eat at

Burger King - 2301 E Silver Springs Blvd

Rating: 4

2301 E Silver Springs Blvd, Ocala FL 34470
(352) 732-7722

I can't lie... Burger King isn't like it used to be, when I come to this store anyway.. the only time I'm genuinely happy is when ryan is there. He took my order, ran to the back and made the sandwiches, after that he came up and bagged our food. Haven't seen an employee like that work for fast food in...read more

Burger King - 2900 SE 36th Ave

Rating: 3.8

2900 SE 36th Ave, Ocala FL 34471
(352) 694-6530

Good burgers, they are always friendly and fast every time I go.

Burger King - 4976 E Silver Springs Blvd

Rating: 3.7

4976 E Silver Springs Blvd, Ocala FL 34470
(352) 236-0019

Whopper had plenty of mayo and ketchup and fries were hot. Food was better than usual. No small lids and lots of dirty tables was only problems I noticed.

Burger King - 3478 NW Blitchton Rd

Rating: 3.6

3478 NW Blitchton Rd, Ocala FL 34475
(352) 671-3727

It had the best food and drinks with great service

Burger King - 2600 SW 19th Avenue Rd

Rating: 3.3

2600 SW 19th Avenue Rd, Ocala FL 34471
(352) 854-0527

Still making your burger like you wanted. Fresh fries and the best frappe beside Starbucks...

Burger King - 3960 W Silver Springs Blvd

Rating: 3.3

3960 W Silver Springs Blvd, Ocala FL 34482
(352) 390-6245

I always get good service here friendly staff great food😉

Burger King - 3811 SW College Rd

Rating: 3.3

3811 SW College Rd, Ocala FL 34474
(352) 237-5030

On point, stoped in off the hwy. Everything tasted fresh.

Burger King - 2240 SW Hwy 484

Rating: 3

2240 SW Hwy 484, Ocala FL 34473
(866) 394-2493

Best visit ever Get JR to make your sandwich.

Burger King - 1704 S Pine Ave

Rating: 3

1704 S Pine Ave, Ocala FL 34471
(352) 629-1697

The kids love their whoppers

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