Waffle House in Athens

Waffle House - 1825 S Barnett Shoals Rd

Rating: 4.2

1825 S Barnett Shoals Rd, Athens GA 30605
(706) 208-1252

Good food and great service as always

Waffle House - 2034 S Milledge Ave

Rating: 4.2

2034 S Milledge Ave, Athens GA 30605
(706) 353-7940

The ladys on thrird shift are absolutely awesome and the food is to die for.. S.Millage you rock

Waffle House - 140 W Clayton St

Rating: 4

140 W Clayton St, Athens GA 30601
(706) 353-2171

Waitresses very friendly and busy, sad they have to put up with us customers under a lot of pressure. Always crowded and full of impatient patrons, I am glad our economy is going well but, they really need to hire more help. Bless everyone over waffle House 👍 good job girls and guys alike! I wish I could tip all of them....read more

Waffle House - 461 Calhoun Dr

Rating: 4

461 Calhoun Dr, Athens GA 30601
(706) 548-9138

The staff at this Waffle House are friendly and helpful. I particularly enjoy the Fiesta Omelette. I can't eat there too often, because it's too tempting to get hash browns scattered all the way, which is bad for my diet plan. ;-)

Waffle House - 1710 Epps Bridge Pkwy

Rating: 3.7

1710 Epps Bridge Pkwy, Athens GA 30606
(706) 546-4400

It was pretty good, I went with a group of 9 people. We had to split into two groups to be seated but that was okay. It was fast and none of us had food issues.

Waffle House - 1310 Oconee St

Rating: 3.4

1310 Oconee St, Athens GA 30605
(706) 353-2175

Is places always kind and courteous and cooks the food exactly like you ordered it.

Waffle House - 8000 Macon Hwy

Rating: 3.3

8000 Macon Hwy, Athens GA 30606
(706) 769-9578

Pecan waffle! Fun late night waitstaff. There is always a humorous conversation going on and they don't mind if you jump right in. Tell 'em your name, they'll remember you next time you walk through the door.

Waffle House
Waffle House

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