Waffle House in Atlanta

Waffle House - 2025 Bolton Rd NW

Rating: 4.5

2025 Bolton Rd NW, Atlanta GA 30318
(404) 792-9009

The service was on the screen ,peculiar or maybe the pastor was out of town ,but nice message, good message nonetheless

Waffle House - 100 Piedmont Ave SE

Rating: 4.5

100 Piedmont Ave SE, Atlanta GA 30303
(404) 584-0621

Nice service and it had a few parking spots right in front of it. We were in and out in about 25 min with a group of 4 dine in, so that's reasonable. They do have take out if you are looking for that.

Waffle House - 4065 Peachtree Rd NE

Rating: 4.3

4065 Peachtree Rd NE, Atlanta GA 30319
(404) 816-2668

I just love freshly cooked food delivered

Waffle House - 5335 Roswell Rd NE

Rating: 4.2

5335 Roswell Rd NE, Atlanta GA 30342
(404) 255-4103

So .... I walk in Waffle House with low expectations just Bc most of em are dirty in my opinion.. I had actually started calling it the “AWFUL HOUSE” instead .... i HAVE had a a FEW good experiences over the years tho, so I gave this one a shot! Well let me tell you! This is the absolute cleanest Waffle House...read more

Waffle House - 5565 Northside Dr NW

Rating: 4.2

5565 Northside Dr NW, Atlanta GA 30327
(770) 937-0506

The Waffle House I go choose very good good Cooks good service but all waffle houses are not the same as far as the cooks are the waitresses so people have to be careful

Waffle House - 2758 Cobb Pkwy SE

Rating: 4.1

2758 Cobb Pkwy SE, Atlanta GA 30339
(770) 952-0202

Loved this food at this Waffle house. Food was hot and great, especially coming off a plane that arrived late.

Waffle House - 2914 Memorial Dr SE

Rating: 4

2914 Memorial Dr SE, Atlanta GA 30317
(404) 377-4998

Great staff, and they keeps it clean. Only reason I cannot give five stars, is because they always have the phone line forwarded. If you want a to order to go you’ll have to order when you get there a wait. Other than that they are cool

Waffle House - 2812 Buford Hwy NE

Rating: 4

2812 Buford Hwy NE, Atlanta GA 30329
(404) 633-0182

My first time at Waffle House. Came all the way from California. They BUSTED DOWN for me. Pork chops scrambled eggs hash browns with jalapeños and onions but the service was the high point I really felt like family. Thank you Waffle House

Waffle House - 860 Glenwood Ave SE

Rating: 4

860 Glenwood Ave SE, Atlanta GA 30316
(404) 219-9057

They are always friendly and they get your food out fast. Very clean as well.

Waffle House - 112 Courtland St NE

Rating: 4

112 Courtland St NE, Atlanta GA 30303
(404) 865-0321

When I say awesome, I mean just that. I have NEVER gone to a Waffle House and had the service this superb. Upon entering I was greeted like royalty, EVERYONE spoke and made sure I knew I was welcomed. Previously I was having a rough morning. Special thanks to Kerry and Fred the managers and my server Jadia, you guys made...read more

Waffle House - 2264 Cheshire Bridge Rd NE

Rating: 3.8

2264 Cheshire Bridge Rd NE, Atlanta GA 30324
(404) 634-9414

I got scrambled eggs with hashbrowns. It was tasty. Service was fast and our waitress was attentive and nice. I actual had a good experience here unlike some other locations. I would definitely return and recommend.

Waffle House - 66 5th St NW

Rating: 3.8

66 5th St NW, Atlanta GA 30308
(404) 872-0028

This was a 10 second walk from our hotel downtown, the food was cheap, hot, and fresh. The waiter was excellent and their crew and cooks seemed to be in their game. Food came out quick and the restaurant was cleanly kept.

Waffle House - 3016 Piedmont Rd NE

Rating: 3.8

3016 Piedmont Rd NE, Atlanta GA 30305
(404) 231-0023

I had a late afternoon breakfast. Delicious scrambled eggs, scattered, smothered and covered hash browns and toast. All was gr3at except the bacon was way too well done.

Waffle House - 2581 Piedmont Rd NE

Rating: 3.8

2581 Piedmont Rd NE, Atlanta GA 30324
(404) 869-9215

Special shout out to D'Angelo (our waiter) he was just wonderful. You can't go wrong with Waffle House, in expensive, good portion and just simple fulfilling meals! When in doubt, Waffle House always comes through.

Waffle House - 1099 Northside Dr NW

Rating: 3.8

1099 Northside Dr NW, Atlanta GA 30318
(404) 823-8358

Anytime I go to a Waffle House, I know what to expect: fast and friendly service, good food and a not-so-pretty/clean interior. And I wasn't surprised by anything! Takes a while to get seated (especially on a Sunday) but the food comes out super fast and hits the spot! If you're looking for a pretty quick and...read more

Waffle House - 2816 Chamblee Tucker Rd

Rating: 3.7

2816 Chamblee Tucker Rd, Atlanta GA 30341
(770) 451-4183

Service and food was very good here

Waffle House - 5480 Riverdale Rd

Rating: 3.7

5480 Riverdale Rd, College Park GA 30349
(770) 996-0237

The late night cashier for to go orders was pushy and just shy of inhospitable, she did however plus sale, and the food which was $15.00 dollars for patty melt, +bacon, and all the way hash browns was delicious. The stars belong to the grill cooks tonight!!

Waffle House - 135 Andrew Young Int'L Blvd Nw

Rating: 3.7

135 Andrew Young Int'L Blvd Nw, Atlanta GA 30303
(404) 522-9873

Wennifer, you are an awesome server. The guy working the host stand. Someone need to send him home. Video Chatting with your daughter while helping customers is not good. He wrote names wrong. Some people waited over an hour to be seated. Once a supervisor or manager came over things began to run smoothly. Definitely...read more

Waffle House - 2886 Clairmont Rd

Rating: 3.7

2886 Clairmont Rd, Atlanta GA 30329
(404) 634-7812

The restaurant was clean, the service was fast, the food was good and cheap too!

Waffle House - 6035 Bakers Ferry Rd SW

Rating: 3.6

6035 Bakers Ferry Rd SW, Atlanta GA 30336
(404) 344-6723

Waitress was a lil too involved but good food!

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