White Windmill

Bakery, Coffee, Tea, Desserts

3230 Steve Reynolds Blvd, Duluth
(770) 622-1181



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Place was nice and the pastries were good and coffee was ok. My main gripe is that the music was too loud specially for a coffee pastry shop, you can barely have have a decent conversation here but the main problem was that they charged for you to get a cup of water!?! No, not bottled water but a cup of tap water?!?. I thought that food establishments were supposed to provide that for free?!?!

My friend & I ordered our drinks & it tasted so sweet and bad because they were trying to rush our order right in the spot and handed in our drinks after our purchase. I couldn't drink half of my drink. It felt rushed even though there was barely any people there. A waste of $6 over something that can be made in 3 minutes.

I've been raving like a maniac over just about every place I've dined in Duluth, including all of the bakeries. BUT...sadly, I can't say the same for this one. Although this is a highly touted Korean bakery in Duluth with several chains, I wasn't so impressed. Although it's a beautiful bakery, the selection was rather weak compared to the other ones I've been to...and here's the main reason why. I felt ripped off with what I ordered. In fact, if...read full review

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