Coffee Shops near Waikoloa Village

Honolulu Coffee at Waikoloa Lagoon Tower Coffee • $
Lagoon, 425 Waikōloa Beach Dr Tower 69, Waikoloa Village

“This review is for the location in the Ocean Tower. The staff here this morning were great and super friendly. Despite being very busy and backed up on orders, the two açaí bowls and three drinks were delivered quickly and very well made. All were a hit with my family. Prices are what I would expect from a hotel coffee shop delivering this kind of quality, and with service like this I have no problem with paying it!“

3.9 Good32 Reviews
Starbucks Coffee Shops • $
69-201 Waikōloa Beach Dr 1001 K-1, Waikoloa Village

Customers` Favorites

Sausage Cheddar & Egg Sandwich

“This Starbucks in Waikoloa Queens marketplace is the nicest Starbucks. You can sit outside on the many tables and listen to the birds and the waterfalls. The employees are all super friendly and capable and smiling and very service oriented. I even asked for my agave syrup to be cut with a scissors because I can never open them with my teeth and when I got my refill on my coffee because I'm a gold star, REBE and gave me my syrup cut open already. That's called service. The oatmeal came out really promptly as did everything else we ordered and we've come here three times now. 10 stars come here.“

3.7 Good59 Reviews
Honolulu Coffee at Waikoloa Ocean Tower Coffee Shops • $$
Hilton, Ocean Tower, 69-425 Waikōloa Beach Dr, Waikoloa Village

Customers` Favorites

Pour over Coffee
Blueberry Muffin
Acai Bowl

“Excellent latte(s) at Resort prices. Beautiful setting. They even have stevia, which most of the “healthy”, “natural”, “organic” places on the Big Island do not (but,instead offer sweetener chemicals … and this includes the Hilton’s very fancy Brunch).The ding for the service is the automatic request on the payment screen for a minimum of 18% tip. Better to take a sheath of one-dollar bills with you and give the tip you feel appropriate … AFTER the food is delivered.Just say NO to automatic screen tips when there has not yet been any service to insure the promptness of … (TIPS — to insure prompt service).“

3.6 Good37 Reviews
Waikōloa Coffee Coffee Shops • $
Lagoon Tower, Waikoloa Village

Customers` Favorites

Pour over Coffee
Drip Coffee
Açai Bowl

“Went here daily for coffee, bowls, etc.Overall great experience, they did mess up our order one of the times but that happens anywhere you go, even the local coffee shop I go to at home misses every once and awhile! But overall I would recommend and the reviews stating it’s “overpriced” aren’t wrong but it’s a resort, I’ll pay that price for convenience any day.“

3.2 Average42 Reviews
Waimea Coffee Company Coffee Shops • $
65-1279 Kawaihae Rd, Waimea

Customers` Favorites

Southwest Chicken Burrito Melt
Fresh Baked Goods Daily
Breakfast Melt
Hazelnut Latte
Toasted Bagel
French Press
Acai Bowl
The Lox

“Came here every day on our trip and it was always great! Super friendly staff that were helpful with the food menu. Breakfast burritos (called breakfast melts on the menu) and oatmeal are always a go to and 5 star. One of the best breakfast burritos I’ve ever had …seriously. Great coffee, cold brew, and bagel sandwiches! Limited seating with a small space and because it’s so busy it’s a little loud but sitting outside is beautiful. Loved the neighboring shops also. Looking forward to coming back next time. Mahalo!“

4.7 Superb135 Reviews
Country Grounds Coffee Company Coffee Shops • $
64-703 Keaka Kea Pl, Waimea

Customers` Favorites

Caramel Milkcchiato
Chocolate Covered
Signature Sip
Banana Bread
Hawaii Whip
Milky Way

“Coming from a place where coffee huts are literally everywhere, this place holds a special place in my coffee heart. The only place on island that has LOTUS. And what's not to love about country chic? The girls are nice and service is speedy. Also LOVE SUPPORTING MY LOCAL PEEPS. ALOHA“

4.8 Superb53 Reviews
Surf Camp Coffee Waimea Coffee Shops •
65-1227 Opelo Rd A-1, Waimea

Customers` Favorites

Ricotta and Berry Toast
Loaded Avocado Toast
Nutella Toast
Drip Coffee

“So glad I decided to stop in here. The store is adorable and carries some great products. At the coffee shop I had the black sesame latte with oat milk--it was lovely. Such a unique, smooth flavor and not too sweet. Can't wait to visit again next time I'm on the island.“

4.6 Superb76 Reviews
Makua Coffee Company Coffee •
67-139 Pukalani Road, Waimea

“This farmers market was awesome!! So many great vendors and food!!! And all the vendors were great to talk to. I'm sure the locals get tired of us tourist but you wouldn't know it here!! The vendors gave us great tips on "local" places to eat and to shop and places to go and things to see! Had a blast and bought some really cool local made products. Worth the drive to go here.“

5 Superb3 Reviews
The Market Cafe •
68-1400 Mauna Lani Dr, Waimea

“Really nice to have this market as an option for food if you are staying at the Mauna Lani resort! Coffee is way cheaper than ordering it from any of the restaurants (e.g., $7 for a cold brew compared to $15). They sell snacks, alcohol (very over-priced), smoothies, ice cream, grab-and-go food, and made-to-order sandwiches and pizza. They also have gifts and souvenirs you can bring back from your trip. They sell Tropical Dreams ice cream and it was INCREDIBLE! $8 for two scoops, but definitely easier than driving to Waimea and back for ice cream.“

4.3 Superb3 Reviews
Piko Coffee+Bar Bar • $$
62-100 Kaunaʻoa Dr, Waimea

“Wow. Didn't realize this was the coffee bar for the Westin at Hapuna Beach. I've never been inside such a gobsmackingly gorgeous resort. Down on level from the breathtaking lobby is a busy little coffee stand. For not much more than $12 I got two cappuccinos and a box with two malasadas - maybe this cafe is subsidized for the schmancy guests? Very good coffee which I then ended up spilling ALL of after arriving at Hapuna. I put my cup on top of the car but it was so windy that it blew off and splattered all around. Le sigh.“

3.4 Good8 Reviews