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520 Chicago Ridge Mall, Chicago Ridge


Reviews for Burger King

I work in the mall and I come to the food court often to get myself lunch or dinner. And this Burger King is notorious for workers at the mall, for being horrible. There is NEVER a worker outside. They are always hiding in the back and never check for customers. Then when they do come out. It takes them like 20 minutes to make you your food. I went here once and it took almost my entire break, just to get a burger. Save yourself a doctors visit, and DO NOT go here. And BK corporate...read full review
Last time coming here thanks to a rude worker who messed up my order. Ordered a large Whopper with cheese meal. I got small fries and a small drink but it was a small amount of fries and when I asked to fix the fries she gave me a dirty look and gave me an attitude like she doesn't want to work. I opened the bag and she messed up the burger because there's no cheese plus it was cold and moldy I had to put it in the trash. I just only ate half the fries and half the small drink...read full review

Very rude employees, always closes 2 hours early for no reason. Honestly at this point shut this place down. Seeing all the review of this BK it looks like you can catch food poisoning.

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