Mexican Restaurants in Dixon

“"I recently ordered some homemade tacos, and I must say, they exceeded my expectations. The use of homemade ingredients really made a noticeable difference in the overall flavor and quality of the tacos. The standout for me was the salsa, which had a unique and vibrant taste thanks to the homemade ingredients. It perfectly balanced the flavors of the other components and added a delightful kick to every bite.The tortillas were soft and had a wonderful texture that enh...”

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“One of the only places around Dixon to get food late at night. Obviously not gourmet good, but when you're hungry, want something fast, and don't want to cook Taco Bell slaps. Would've been 5 stars, but the other night I tried going through the drive thru and no one responded for over 5 minutes so we backed up and left. The lights were on and a couple cars in the lot so that was strange. Again, it's fast food, hit or miss on the night.”

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“Excellent Food!!! Great Waiter!!!But... Our food, 4 of us, took over an hour to get our dinners!?!? The Manager and GF... called off, on a Saturday nite....? someone needs to learn to provide coverage beforehand....the restaurant was very busy!!!”

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