Restaurants in Roslindale

Distraction Brewing Co. 2 Belgrade Ave, Roslindale Brewery • $$
2 Belgrade Ave, Roslindale

“The Tall Man and I were looking for a low key hangout with baby in tow, and Distraction Brewing was the perfect place. This new-to-us brewery on the cute pedestrian-only Birch St. had an outdoor patio but we opted for seats inside.It's not a big place, but it has a good number of tables and bench seating in a brightly lit space. The Tall Man got the autumn flight of 4 beers (one being one of their maltinis), which he enjoyed for their variety. I wasn't up for imbibing so I got a Health-Aid kombucha from the fridge. (They also carry Athlete's nonalcoholic beer in cans.) They have some packaged snacks for purchase, but they encourage people to get food from local businesses to eat there. It was pretty darn convenient to pick up lunch from nearby Chilacates. It made for a very chill lunch and sip. We weren't even the only ones with a stroller! It was a relief to find a brewery that's not utterly mobbed and where we could bring the little one. I would definitely come back for another relaxing hangout.”

4.6 Superb26 Reviews
Shaking Seafood (Roslindale) 19 Poplar St, Roslindale Seafood • $$$
19 Poplar St, Roslindale

Customers` Favorites

Seafood Boil
Snow Crab
Cajun Fries
The Shaking Sauce
Garlic Butter
Fried Shrimp and Fries
Chicken Tender Basket
King Crab Legs Shrimp
Corn on the Cob
King Crab Legs

“I've been to shaking seafood a bunch of times, always consistent and delicious! Awesome seafood boils, fries and hush puppies are great too (and extra delicious dipped in the sauce)”

4 Good59 Reviews
Rutchada Thai Cuisine 153 Belgrade Ave, Roslindale Thai • $
153 Belgrade Ave, Roslindale

Customers` Favorites

Pad Thai
Fried Rice
Green Curry

“This is my go to place for Thai in Roslindale. I usually get take out pad see ew and it is consistently good. The couple of times I have dined in the service has been great.”

4 Good27 Reviews
Sophia's Grotto 22r Birch St, Roslindale Italian • $$
22r Birch St, Roslindale

Customers` Favorites

Cheesecake with Raspberry Drizzle
Chicken Parmigiana
Scallops & Risotto
Spicy Mussels

“It's been a while since we had been here. It was a birthday dinner so we wanted something special. Alas, it was mixed. The Mediterranean salad and the antipasto plate were good. The gnocchi in a meat sauce was excellent. The shrimp and pasta dish could have used more garlic and spices. Alas, the eggplant and chicken parm dishes were not that good. I could have done better. Basically, there was no real sauce, it looked like a can of stewed tomatoes had been poured over it - no spices, nothing. I could tell it was real eggplant, otherwise I would have thought it had been some random frozen thing. Not so sure about the chicken one. The service was pleasant and we appreciated that the waitress warned us that the bottle of wine we ordered was only half a bottle. The place is as cute and cozy as we remembered. Overall, a mixed bag.”

4.1 Good73 Reviews
Las Palmas Restaurant & Catering 4337 Washington St, Roslindale Dominican • $
4337 Washington St, Roslindale

“Ive used them twice for our division meetings and I’ll definitely recommend. Seila is very helpful and accommodating when I put in my order. They deliver on time and help with the placement of the pans. Everything is well packaged and easy to unwrap. The food is fresh and delicious!!”

4.5 Superb16 Reviews
Obosa Restaurant 146 Belgrade Ave, Roslindale African • $
146 Belgrade Ave, Roslindale

Customers` Favorites

Fish Rolls
Jollof Rice with Goat
Jollof Rice with Fish and Plantain
Egusi Stew with Pounded Yam
Pounded Yam and Banga Soup
Egusi with Pounded Yam
Vegetable Samosas
Fish Pepper Soup
Fried Plantain

“We order the jollof rice with chicken, egusi soup with pounded yam and meat pies. The food was DELICIOUS! OMG!!!The place was clean and the atmosphere-chill. The 2 young ladies at the counter were very polite and hospitable. I’ll definitely eat there again when my palate calls for African cuisine.Next time I’ll try the fish roll pastry.”

4.1 Good34 Reviews
Blue Star 11 Corinth St, Roslindale Breakfast • $
11 Corinth St, Roslindale

Customers` Favorites

The Toast
Chocolate Chip Pancakes Side of Sausage
Steak and Eggs with Potatoes
Vegetarian Omelette

“This is a cute little diner! The service was friendly and fast, food was delicious, and super reasonably priced. We had a large group and had struggled to find a place with enough seating, but they got us right in and it was great!”

4 Good46 Reviews
Shanti Restaurant - Roslindale 4197 Washington St, Roslindale Indian • $$
4197 Washington St, Roslindale

Customers` Favorites

Butter Chicken
Chicken Tikka Masala
Vegetable Samosa
Mattar Paneer
Lamb Korma
Rice and Garlic Naan
Shanti Mixed Grill
Kashmiri Kabab

“I've been to the original Shanti in Dorchester years before, and liked it. But this was my first visit to their outpost in Roslindale. Their location made driving there a bit of a workaround. But one nice thing is, when you place an order online ahead of time, it gives you the option of curbside pick up. I was a bit late picking up my order. And then I still had to get it home before tucking in, so the bread was cool by then, the apps warm, while the entree remained hot. I gave their onion naan a go, and it was soft and good, but I'll probably go back to my garlic naan norm. The Veg Shanti Platter came with an assortment of their vegetable appetizers and 2 portions of each of 3 sauces. I only gave the sweet and tangy brown sauce a go since the other two tend to be spicy when I've tasted them elsewhere. There were 2 vegetable samosas (with a touch of heat in the potato filling), 1 aloo tikki patty (same, if I remember correctly), and a handful of vegetable fritters - some mixed, some likely quartered slices of potato, and I think I spotted a cauliflower one or two. Those weren't spicy, but were rather good. In place of my often ordered saag paneer, we got the malai kofta which came with either 2 or 3 (couldn't tell) rather sizeable vegetable balls hidden in a tasty vegetable cream sauce, which was accompanied with an order of basmati rice. This was ordered mild. It arrived spicy, north of what I'd consider to be light spicy, but manageable by me. Not so much by another diner though, unfortunately. I wonder if this was truly their mild, or if they read my order wrong, and defaulted to their normal spice level.”

3.8 Good58 Reviews
I Love Nick's 4590 Washington St, Roslindale Pizza • $
4590 Washington St, Roslindale

Customers` Favorites

Fish and Chips
Chicken Wings
Pepperoni Pizza
Greek Salad

“It always surprises me that this place does not have a higher rating. Their food is delicious! They sell the best pizza in the area, and their chicken wings are amazing too. Every time we have ordered from them, the service was prompt and the food is great. We have never eaten there since it’s more convenient to pick-up the food and take it home.”

3.9 Good20 Reviews


Subway 4238-4244 Washington St, Roslindale Sandwich Shop • $
4238-4244 Washington St, Roslindale

Customers` Favorites

Chicken & Bacon Ranch Footlong Pro Double Protein
Supreme Meats

“This is the only Subway nearby I will go to. They guy that owns it runs it and he's nice. There is this breakfast sandwich on flatbread...Black Forest Ham...where you can add your favorite toppings...lettuce tomato olives etc...then YES! orange chipotle sauce! This is the best breakfast sandwich ever in my opinion espec when you are tired of them on english muffins or bagels or in croissants etc. Anyway, everywhere else they bug me to tell them what I want for toppings while the item is heating up in the oven. That's so pushy and I hate that. Like they are gonna remember all the things and I won't have to repeat myself. God forbid they have to make small talk instead for the brief time it's in the oven. One place was so rude the guy didn't even bother to ask me if I wanted white or yellow for the egg. They have both normally and ask which you prefer but apparently he was out of one so just went ahead hurriedly with the other without telling me. So just go to this partic Rossie location and don't be put off. The personal pizzas are a fun treat.”

3.8 Good9 Reviews
Hong Kong 888 Cafe 888 South St, Roslindale Asian • $
888 South St, Roslindale

Customers` Favorites

Egg Rolls
Chicken Finger
Peking Ravioli
Chicken Teriyaki
Beef Lo Mein
Roast Pork Egg Foo Young
Chicken Fried Rice
Pepper Steak

“On a cold night in Rosindale I ventured into a small takeout spot. Friendly service,nice portion sizes, not much of asit-down dining area, but happy they offered and they had somebooks to read while you wait.I had the Beef Lo Mein anda side of Crab Rangoon, fast service, price was decent, and food was good!”

3.5 Good47 Reviews
Golden House Chinese Restaurant in Roslindale 4403 Washington St, Roslindale Chinese • $
4403 Washington St, Roslindale

Customers` Favorites

Beef Teriyaki
Fried Chicken Wings
Vegetable Pan Fried Noodles

“This hits the spot, very good portions, like the crab rangoons (maybe put in a bit more crab or if you use imitation crab), spicy Singapore dish is great, good garlic chicken or beef, a bit stingy on the shrimp dish. Good appetizers. All cash keeps prices down but they have gone up a bit twice. Always have to ask for fortune cookies they never ask.”

3.4 Good28 Reviews
Bel Ave Pizza 330 Belgrade Ave, Roslindale Pizza • $
330 Belgrade Ave, Roslindale

Customers` Favorites

Wing Dings

“As soon as I entered I met a very nice woman who is in charge and very personable. There will be a bakery next to the pizzeria soon. The pizza is always very good.The slices are always very large. I like the buffalo chicken pizza. The wings are very good. It's pretty convenient and they serve it pretty fast.”

3.3 Good39 Reviews
Triple Eatery 77 Cummins Hwy, Roslindale Chinese • $
77 Cummins Hwy, Roslindale

Customers` Favorites

House Special Fried Rice
House Special Lo Mein
Shrimp Fried Rice

“This place has always been a great place to order your food.. Since I slowed down with ordering food and this is one place I would definitely eat from.. great food.”

2.6 Average29 Reviews
McDonald's 718 American Legion Hwy, Roslindale Fast Food • $
718 American Legion Hwy, Roslindale

Customers` Favorites

French Fries
Classic Big Mac Pack
Sausage Biscuit
Happy Meal

“Cops everywhere, drug addicts as soon as you leave the parking. They will walk in front of you. If u aren't paying attention, your burger can cost you a lawsuit. I'm set with this place..too many ”

2.1 Poor61 Reviews
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