7 Best Cafes in Hagerstown

Silt Coffee Co. Cafe • $
322 E Antietam St Suite 100, Hagerstown

Customers` Favorites

White Chocolate Raspberry
Chicken Salad Sandwich
Coconut Caramel Latte
Hot Turkey and Gouda
Breakfast Sandwich
Lavender Lemonade
Hot Ham & Cheese
Soup of the Day
Pita Sandwich
Avocado Mash

“We love everything about silt! The coffee is great! The people are Friendly and welcoming. The atmosphere is lovely. It's just a great place to go for coffee and a nice lunch or breakfast.Dietary restrictions: Many sugar free optionsKid-friendliness: My kiddo enjoys their food too!“

5 Superb70 Reviews
Rik's Cafe American • $
1065 Maryland Ave, Hagerstown

Customers` Favorites

Blackened Chipotle Chicken Pasta
Blackened Chicken Pasta
Chesapeake Cheesesteak
Chicken Chesapeake
Crab Cheese Steak
Fried Cheese Cake
Reuben Sandwich
Bistro Steak
Havana Burger
Bison Burger

“Riks is a total star. When you're standing in front of the restaurant you're in a parking lot of a an old shopping center. Once inside you're in a contemporary bar and restaurant. I believe that much of the work in creating the space was performed by the then staff, many of whom worked together with owners at a prior restaurant. The food is wonderful, creative, fresh and satisfying. My favorites include a smoked salmon salmon carpoccio (sorry about the spelling). A great selection of salads with the ability to. add to them crab cake chicken etc. The sandwiches range from a Reuben to a grilled mahi mahi .My favorite when I want a substantial dinner is their short ribs and mashed potatoes. Writing this review has just made me hungry. Guess where I'm going for an early dinner. Prices are VERY reasonable“

4.7 Superb123 Reviews
Delisha bakery cafe Coffee Shops • $
18330 Spark Dr, Hagerstown

Customers` Favorites

Gourmet Cookie
Cake in a Can
Beef Paddy
Drip Coffee

“15Mar.2023 Excellent customer service and super friendly. The vibe is the best in here. Nice, clean, and spacious establishment nestled between a Mexican restaurant on one side and an Italian restaurant on the other side. With ample parking.Such a freshly made selection of dessert inspired cookies, fresh ground coffee, fresh hot teas, and many vegan selections. Glad Hagerstown has a lovely place(the isn’t always downtown )with great fresh baked goods and creative eats. Love, love, love the cakes in a can. My 1st trip here with my best friend and I’m going to be a regular“

4.7 Superb65 Reviews
Mister Organic Café Caribbean • $
17301 Valley Mall Rd Suite 596, Hagerstown

Customers` Favorites

Passion Fruit Smoothie Mix with Mango
Mango Strawberry Smoothie
El Mochaccino Dominican
Legumes Creole Cuisine
Haitian Free Time
Strawberry Mango
Mix Meat

“Based upon their review photos of a chicken dish, I decided to give this place a try today. I had the stew chicken with rice & beans, cabbage, plantains and sauce. Everything was delicious and the portions were very generous. Not too spicy, but not too bland either. That meal could easily have fed 2 people. I have walked by this place 100 times thinking it was just a coffee shop. I wish they had pictures of their signature dishes up on the wall to entice more customers. I hope this restaurant thrives so I can eat here every time we visit the mall.“

4.8 Superb34 Reviews
Free Range Cafe Salad • $
520 Northern Ave, Hagerstown

Customers` Favorites

Free Range Bowl & Overnight Oats
Hulk Smoothie Bowl
Kickin Korean BBQ
The Orchard Bowl
The Harvest Bowl
Avocado Toast
Acai Bowl

“I can’t say enough good about this place. The food is so good, and the people are so kind and energetic (the young lady who helped us on the afternoon of 05/13 was fantastic- so nice and so helpful to us). I’m also pretty excited that Hagerstown has a go-to spot to get an açaí bowl. Such good food options, folks. I cannot wait to go back here.“

4.4 Superb70 Reviews
Rooster Moon Coffeehouse Coffee Shops • $
1551 Potomac Ave, Hagerstown

Customers` Favorites

Southwest Breakfast Wrap
Buffalo Chicken Wrap
Breakfast Sandwich
Avocado Toast
Ham Egg

“Great coffee and from what I’ve heard from family and friends, the food is pretty good. I love the atmosphere in the shop, as well as their support of other local businesses by displaying their items in the store. Milk substitutes are available which I highly appreciated, and the employees patiently answered all my questions about ingredients!“

4.3 Superb65 Reviews
17301 Valley Mall Rd, Hagerstown

Customers` Favorites

Chicken Tenders
Hamburger Combo
Steak & Cheese
Fried Chicken
Mac & Cheese
Fish Platter

“Food always bomb! Fried chicken nice crispy and well seasoned!! Paired with the delicious Mac and cheese w/ their signature bussing sauce! Could never go wrong!“

4.5 Superb25 Reviews