8 Best Bakeries in Hagerstown

Les Cookies Delight Bakery Bakery • $
200 S Potomac St, Hagerstown

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Birthday Cake
Carrot Cakes

“The owner was SO sweet and helpful when I was ordering over the phone! She custom baked donuts for my son and I that are dairy and soy free and even gave me a free one for my birthday. She was just as sweet in person! We picked out cupcakes when we were there as well and everything was delicious! Definitely recommend!“

5 Superb44 Reviews
Krumpe's Do-Nut Shop Donut Shops • $
912 Maryland Ave, Hagerstown

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Chocolate Donuts
Donut Holes
Choc Milk

“Stopped in just before they closed to grab a dozen donuts for in the morning. I saw Krumpe's has their own bagged coffee and I asked if it was a medium or dark roast... the owner went and brewed coffee right on the spot so that I could try it... AWESOME coffee!! It's a darker roast, smooth and fresh, without the high-acid taste or burning stomach. I will most definitely be returning for one of their hand-thrown mugs and a couple bags of coffee!!!“

4.7 Superb95 Reviews
Delisha bakery cafe Coffee Shops • $
18330 Spark Dr, Hagerstown

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Gourmet Cookie
Cake in a Can
Beef Paddy
Drip Coffee

“15Mar.2023 Excellent customer service and super friendly. The vibe is the best in here. Nice, clean, and spacious establishment nestled between a Mexican restaurant on one side and an Italian restaurant on the other side. With ample parking.Such a freshly made selection of dessert inspired cookies, fresh ground coffee, fresh hot teas, and many vegan selections. Glad Hagerstown has a lovely place(the isn’t always downtown )with great fresh baked goods and creative eats. Love, love, love the cakes in a can. My 1st trip here with my best friend and I’m going to be a regular“

4.7 Superb65 Reviews
Mister Organic Café Caribbean • $
17301 Valley Mall Rd Suite 596, Hagerstown

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Passion Fruit Smoothie Mix with Mango
Mango Strawberry Smoothie
El Mochaccino Dominican
Legumes Creole Cuisine
Haitian Free Time
Strawberry Mango
Mix Meat

“Based upon their review photos of a chicken dish, I decided to give this place a try today. I had the stew chicken with rice & beans, cabbage, plantains and sauce. Everything was delicious and the portions were very generous. Not too spicy, but not too bland either. That meal could easily have fed 2 people. I have walked by this place 100 times thinking it was just a coffee shop. I wish they had pictures of their signature dishes up on the wall to entice more customers. I hope this restaurant thrives so I can eat here every time we visit the mall.“

4.8 Superb34 Reviews
Safron Bakery Cafe Bakery • $
287 Eastern Blvd N, Hagerstown

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Chicken Salad Croissant
Chicken Pesto Panini
Cannoli & Baklava
California Salad
Roast Beef Pesto
Birthday Cake
Chicken Pesto
Turkey Bistro
Egg & Cheese

“At first glance this place seemed closed. No lit signage saying open but a banner inside that says open. So my wife and I went in to check out the place and from the signage on the door they were open till 6pm. The place was massive with lots of space and plenty of seating, with only another couple there tasting cakes for their wedding perhaps. When you first enter you are greeted by an expansive shelving unit with assorted cookies. Then you are enticed by the pastry case, followed by the bagel case then the menus on the TV for sandwiches. With no one there we took our time looking around, especially since this was the first time we've been there. We decided on two sandwiches and placed our order for the Lamb and Beef Gyro and the Turkey Bistro. Both were made to order quickly and brought to our table. Interesting side note that I was unaware of until after we left was that my wife noticed a sign that stated as of 1.1.24 chips would no longer be included with sandwich's and they would be extra at $1.50 a bag. It's sad to see a nice sandwich platter ruined by a small bag of plain UTZ chips. There needs to be fresh chips or Terra chips with the sandwiches, but it looks like the owner needs to save a bit so he took off chips and added them as a bagged after thought. Then when my wife and I went to talk with the manager, maybe owner, he asked us how our dinner was, which is quite interesting. We made mention that the huge sign on the building promotes breakfast and Lunch, yet they are open till 6pm. So why not promote that you're open from breakfast through lunch to an early dinner because unless you're local, you may not realize that the place is open especially since they did not light their electric open sign they just left the "yes we are open" banner hung up inside the building. When we finished our sandwiches and went back to the pastry counter, the manager/owner asked us if we enjoyed our dinner, which was very odd seeing is that he also said they're not open for dinner so thus, the confusion we experienced. Perhaps the locals understand the whole concept between the signage and when they're open and not open, but I think they need to market themselves as open till six and that it would be a nice way to have an early dinner between the hours of four and six. I'm hoping the signage issue, in addition to the lack of patrons and the overall expansive amount of space is not dragging the place down. I'd like to see them get back to offering chips with their sandwiches and being penny wise and pound ignorant. I can't see I would go out of my way to stop there again however, if I'm in the area, I'd certainly stop by to pick up some bakery items along with some fresh pastries and a good sandwich, but I would probably bring my own chips.“

4.4 Superb58 Reviews
Sanders Cookie Jar Bakery Bakery • $
13140 Pennsylvania Ave, Hagerstown

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Peanut Butter Icing
Cutout Cookies
Sugar Cookies
Birthday Cake

“Dixie hit it out of the park again! This is the second birthday cake I've ordered from this bakery, and will not be the last! The first one, along with my first review, was for my son's 19th birthday, ☯️ design, chocolate cake with peanut butter icing. This cake was for my uncle's 64th! I told Dixie he loves metal detecting, and is a collector of his findings/old coins...she came up with an awesome quote and design. The flavor was simple, half vanilla, half chocolate, with a fluffy sugar icing that was delicious! Again, Dixie made another birthday celebration more memorable and special for our family and friends ?“

4.5 Superb24 Reviews
Osorio Bakery & Pastry Bakery • $
Always building, 1201 Dual Hwy f, Hagerstown

“I have been here several times and every single time the selection of baked items is fresh and the items I have purchased have all been delicious! Tonight I had a pineapple and coconut rolled cake that was out of this world! The service is always amazing and very friendly. Every time I hear the total price, I’m shocked that it isn’t more. Very reasonable prices.“

4.4 Superb17 Reviews
Michele's Bakery and Sweet Shoppe Bakery •
11000 Bower Ave Ste #5, Hagerstown

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Specialty Cake Pops
Gingerbread Event
Sugar Cookies
Holiday Cakes
Birthday Cake
Wedding Cakes
Dessert Bar

“10/5 stars for this wonderful place!The cake was *exactly* like the picture I sent her! And it tasted absolutely delicious. It was ready less than 48hrs of submission request. The service was a quick turn around and very accommodating. Whomever I spoke with on the phone was very sweet when asking to pick up my cake. My brother (the one who actually picked up the cake) said that Michele was extremely nice and easy to work with.I encourage everyone to support this business. I will 100% be coming back :)“

4.7 Superb9 Reviews