Jimmy John's in Sterling Heights

Jimmy John's - 40846 Van Dyke Ave

Rating: 2.7 - 75 Reviews


40846 Van Dyke Ave, Sterling Heights MI 48313
(586) 979-5700

Jimmy John's

Hands down the best sub place in the area, the staff is always nice and professional and the food is always fresh and tasty.

Jimmy John's - 43028 Mound Rd

Rating: 2.7 - 83 Reviews


43028 Mound Rd, Sterling Heights MI 48314
(586) 254-2100

Jimmy John's
I've been coming to this location at least twice a week for over a year, and the subs and honey-wheat bread sandwiches I order are always fresh and delicious. They also have big, cold and crunchy dill pickles, and soft and sweet cookies that are made with real butter instead of typical, cheap vegetable shortening. Staff...read more

Jimmy John's - 36324 Van Dyke Ave

Rating: 1.9 - 64 Reviews


36324 Van Dyke Ave, Sterling Heights MI 48312
(586) 264-7777

Jimmy John's
I didn't visit Jimmy Johns on the date this timeline puts me there, I went somewhere else but the app threatened to remove every visit I ever made to Jimmy Johns if I remove this one. I decided to go with it. What the hay? Why not?The last time I visited Jimmy Johns was more than one year ago. Probably more than two years...read more

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