Ted Cook's 19th Hole BBQ

2814 E 38th St, Minneapolis
(612) 721-2023

Recent Reviews

Mandi Sumpter

I love the bbq. Remind me of my own. I don't like the Jojo but I still eat a few.lol. Hot link is fye. I wanna eat there everyday

Phyllis Senger

I can't have sauces and they made my without sauce. How nice is that

Venishia Taylor

Still the best in Minneapolis. The jojos bringing back childhood memories. Ribs and chicken still amazing. So glad my sister suggested getting some to bring to mom's house for lunch.

Sswirl World

Best BBQ omg there potatoes are my favorie

Steve Ramgren

Great food even better people. I love the community feel when you walk in the laughter and conversation that come from the back is like being in a small town. Everyone coming together around the food and food prep. They are BBQ artists. I recommend the medium sauce it sticks to the ribs better than the hot.


Friend recommended them and did not disappoint. Great bbq. We had the pulled pork & rib tips and a few sides - definitely coming back soon.

Joba O.

I was there today to order ribs of $18 and I told the lady that you didn't put my double potatoes inside if it's just regular potatoes it's like no get the f*** out of here nobody don't want you in here in the first place b**** It is a very terrible place to go to and this woman is really worse and very bad


We went to Ted's Cooks 19th rib today and we ordered $18 with and double potato and the lady said get the f*** out of here you don't need to be here and nobody wants you here And not only this this guy is from Ghana and I am from Ghana too and I will disgrace him in the community is very bad

Shawnie Marie

The rib tips are fantastic! The corn muffins are buttery and sweet! Black eye Peas are fire with some rice. The one thing I would say is I did not enjoy the sweet potato pie...the crust tasted dry and the pie tasted watery and like too much ginger. Ted Cook's is a South side staple. ❤

Jonathan Griesy

Legendary BBQ! And for a reason. First opened in '68 by the namesake, it has passed hands by multiple owners all the while keeping the recipes. Been coming here over 25 years and feed my wife and kids at this historic joint.

David M

Absolutely the best barbecue place in the Twin Cities metropolitan area!Would recommend to anyone who likes good ribs.

W Jemison

Was disappointed with rib tips. Flavor was ok but there was more bone then meat and the meat I did get was fatty.


Absolutely the best Barbecue in the Twin Cities metro area. Decent prices, and friendly staff. If you are a fan of really good take out BBQ this is the place!

Randy Rocker

This is the absolute worst BBQ I have ever, ever, ever had. I am from Texas and have eaten BBQ thousands and thousands of times. Don't waste your time. Tastes like swill. Spent 30 dollars on dog food for 2. Pie is store bought too. Don't fall for this.

Hi- Fi

Always fantastic. Great bbq joint in the twin cities for take out. I've never had bad ribs here and hisbsauce is great.

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