Ted Cook's 19th Hole BBQ

2814 E 38th St, Minneapolis
(612) 721-2023

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Pretty Caramel

I'm from a place that does bbq well. Wanted beef ribs, this place came up. Beef ribs were like cut in half, and had little meat on the bone. I'll try 1 more time and pray they get better.

Michael Johnson

Their pork ribs potato salad coleslaw and beans are deliciousFood: 5/5

Zach Pederson

I have ate here many times and the food is always great. The staff even remembered me and knew my order before I had to tell them. The ribs are extremely tasty and the potatoes as the side is perfection.

Poor George

So far the best bbq place in the twin cities being a foodie of Chicago. The jojo's are like fries, best when eaten freshly made. Black eyed peas can use a little less black pepper but still is good. Pork/Beef ribs tips are #1. Mild sauce taste like mumbo. Only critic is that they need a location in St.Paul alsoFood: 5/5

jade hopkins

This is takeout, the atmosphere smells good.Old home cooking, elder family staff. Friendly but not n super helpful with questions.There's road construction outside so you have to park off the end of the block on a cross street. The food was cooked and still hot when we ate. We will definately be back but are still looking for our favorite rib joint.


Best bbq in Minneapolis. Always ask for crispy jojos never disappointed. Extra sauce a must for leftovers.

Claude James Sr

The stories are true management changed food especially the Ribs horrible service indifferent and non caring. I tied to get slab of ribs and Jojo's put into two containers instead of one for friend at work. Called 1st to ask if this could be done. Told yes come on in (from Eagan) only to be told by some woman no! But I could order 2 half slabs for $19.50 ea. Making the same 1 slab $39 wow so the compromise was a little container do it yourself. I did and I won't be back not because of the horrible service but really because the ribs are now horrible

Onyedimma Nwachuku

Ted Cooks has great BBQ food at a reasonable price. First, their house BBQ sauce is incredible. Sweet, tangy, and with some heat to it as well (you can specify heat level in the sauce). The half chicken was juicy with great smokey flavor. The ribs had a nice dry rub on them and great flavor as well. I also enjoyed the spicy sausage and jojos combo plate.I will stop in again just based on their delicious BBQ sauce alone! This place knows how to do BBQ right. They’ve been at it for such a long time too!


This is my first time coming here AND LET ME TELL YOU, the ribs were cooked to perfection, the baked beans superb and the hot link was by far the best hot link I’ve eaten in a while!! The food is amazing! I got hot BBQ sauce and it was super tasty!!! Excellent guys EXCELLENT

Mohammed Abdi

Favorite barbecue spot. I have to stop myself from eating here too often. Beef ribs are amazing and jojos are made right. Love the Smokey flavor and sauce! Hope this place is open forever.

Ms De Butler-Barlow

I was in the neighborhood and smelled the barbeque, I drove around the corner to find it, and they did not disappoint. It was my first time there, so I didn't order extra. The barbeque was so good I realized I didn't order enough. It was busy, but they served delicious hot food quickly.

Briana Heaton

This place rocks! They were packed for pick-up yesterday, on Father's Day, but it was well worth the wait. Even though they were extremely busy, the staff was friendly, helpful and organized.We got the ribs, corn muffins, and potato salad. Everything was amazing. The medium BBQ sauce was slightly spicy, sweet, acidic and perfect. My mouth is watering just thinking about it...I wish there was leftovers!

Jennifer Anderberg

We love Ted Cooks. It's one of our favorite take-out spots. The ribs, sauce and baked beans are amazing. The collards aren't my favorite and occasionally the ribs are dry....but more often than not everything is awesome. We get the family dinner with extra jos and the big side of baked beans and it feeds our family of four for just under $30. Very reasonable.

Bradley Ferguson

I've been going to Ted Cook's for over 30 years. It's my gold standard when it comes to BBQ. There is other good barbecue in Minneapolis, but nowhere else brings together the excellent smoking technique, the sliced jojos, and that great sauce.Somehow, they've kept it all the same for all the years I've known it (with exception of one renovation where they expanded into the business space next door).If you're a connoisseur of barbecue, you have to add this place to your list.

Ms. Wright

HANDS DOWN!!! This is THE BEST I've tasted so far this way with them RIB TIPS!!! I wish I had a picture but BAAAABBBYY I couldn't stop eating them and that's what we call MILD SAUCE in Chicago! From, Chicago, Houston, Alabama, Tennessee and Indiana keep it smoking baby. I have to get my brother here because he has been complaining of good BBQ hard to find up this way! TED'S IS THE BEST!!! 10 Toes down if you can stop dancing while you eating.... I'll see you guys this Saturday!!!

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