Ted Cook's 19th Hole BBQ

2814 E 38th St, Minneapolis
(612) 721-2023

Recent Reviews

Rob McMahon

The sides were just as good as the ribs! Sauce was well made with plenty of flavor. 10/10 coming here again

Dominique Jones

I loveeeee this place the man that's owns this place puts his heart and soul to his business makes me feel so appreciated ?

Gary Sather

Well, it had been many years since I had been to Ted's and it was pretty much how I remembered it. Ribs a little spicy in a ton of sauce, and a huge pile of greasy Jojo potatoes. No slice of white wonder bread anymore though, I missed that, mainly for nostalgic reasons.

Mrs. Higher Powers

Yummy ? sliced beef brisket, potatoes, and mild sauce.

Irene Tlatenchi

You know its REAL GOOD when your kids always ask for more! They know what they are doing here❤️

Wanagì 86

Yum they make Delicious Beef & sliced potatoes.... Plus I ? their Hot Sauce .Yep ... Remind me of ol fashion'd No. Carolina cookng: )

Falice Kelly

Thanks for making my decision not to buy food from any restaurant again? I spent $45 for food that was either under cooked and over cooked! The jo Jos was under cooked the ribs & rib tips was boiled and over cooked with sauce on them with no smoked flavor or grill flavor. For a dinner you have me a 2oz cup of cole slaw a 4oz of pork & beans not baked beans ? and your not the original owner so please stop using this man face as the owner. THE HOT LINK WAS DRY ECT. PEOPLE SAVE YOUR MONEY!!!!

Brandon Dye

Amazing every time! Nothing better! Eaten here since I was a kid!

Keven Q.

Been wanting to try this for awhile but the mix of reviews was discouraging. I bought the Beef Rib Dinner, comes w/ 2 sides. The coleslaw is in a tiny 3oz container. It's 3 bites and done. The Jojo fries aren't anything except sliced potato's. Some cooked to that of a thick potato chip- some just cooked but not crisp? (they were strange) I'm sorry but if you're ploppin down 20 bucks for dinner= the sides should be WAY MORE ample then that. Now, for the ribs. I ate half of them and threw the rest in the garbage. They were totally awful. I couldn't taste the beef- it was so saturated in smoke, it just tasted like I was eating smoke. But the worst part was they were so overcooked it was as if you were eating beef jerky- off the bone. Just the driest, chewiest yuck I've ever eaten. I felt so duped I wanted to cancel my payment on my card. Maybe their other dishes are better- but I'll never know as I wouldn't go there again to eat if it was free. Might've been some of the worst food I've ever eaten. As an aside, I got the bbq sauce Med- it was very good. Too bad only half of the ribs had sauce on them and it wasn't very much. They should just be dipping the entire rib in sauce, though drowning it in it couldn't have made them anymore edible. I'm amazed this place is in buisness. My 2 cents.


This place is a long-standing treasure. We ordered the ribs, hot links, fries, and cole slaw. The sauces were hot and regular. The meats were flavorful and tender. The fries soak up sauce and are a tasty accompaniment to the ribs. The cole slaw tastes like the slaw from KFC back in the day. The portions are generous and served as two meals for the two of us. So glad that they've survived Covid.


Amazing barbeque here. I've been eating food here since I was a little girl. Recommend it heavily.


This is some excellent BBQ! The ribs are fall off the bone tender and smokey, the rib tips are the same, the pulled pork is awesome and the hot links are to die for. I also love how this is s mom and pop business. I would recommend this place to anyone looking for some killer BBQ!

Ken P.

Very good QUE!!! Qorth the money and the trip (in my case walk). The lady behind the counter was very helpful.

Bread Wilson

Got a bunch of stuff. Large Pork rib tips, regular links, collard greens, beans, coleslaw and corn muffin. Great flavor. Will be going again.

Shelby Y.

Legit the best BBQ in the twin cities! I refuse to go anywhere else and live for their rib tips!

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