Arby's in Charlotte

Arby's - 9456 Monroe Rd

Rating: 4.2 - 50 Votes

9456 Monroe Rd, Charlotte NC 28270
(704) 847-6928

Me and my wife love to go there for these 2 for $5 or $6 specials and can't wait to see if one or both of the guys that sit at the window we even look when we drive by to see if they are there it's crazy don't know what they do or why they're there but they're there all the time I think is funny.

Arby's - 9923 Sandy Rock Pl

Rating: 4 - 30 Votes

9923 Sandy Rock Pl, Charlotte NC 28277
(704) 841-7930

Perfect customer service. Employees are surprisingly very friendly here. I will definitely give more business later. I say surprisingly because if you go to McDonald's, they give you horrible treatment. This Arby's service is just like Chic fil A. Very nice, friendly, and positive people.

Arby's - 8136 S Tryon St

Rating: 3.8 - 58 Votes

8136 S Tryon St, Charlotte NC 28273
(704) 504-2488

Been a while since I ate at Arby's and I had forgotten how good the food can be. This particular Arby's had a young man working there that noon who was awesome; he made the experience even better. If you haven't been to an Arby's in a bit, try them again; they're even better than they were and the chocolate cookie is excellent!

Arby's - 7008 W W.T.Harris Blvd

Rating: 3.8 - 54 Votes

7008 W W.T.Harris Blvd, Charlotte NC 28269
(704) 599-8109

My food is always hot and fresh when I go to this location. The Arbys in Concord always gives me cold fries and it's never a line there so why not make fresh fries?? I'll just continue to only come to this Arbys only. The fries are always right out of the grease whether its packed empty.

Arby's - 6200 Wilson Grove Rd

Rating: 3.8 - 51 Votes

6200 Wilson Grove Rd, Charlotte NC 28227
(704) 573-5188

Good food. Very fast and courteous service. I was impressed. Very poor lighting outdoors at night. I wasn't even sure they were open. Very good alternative to the horribly long and slow lines across the street at McDonald's. Light it up and you will deserve a 5!

Arby's - 311 S Kings Dr

Rating: 3.7 - 65 Votes

311 S Kings Dr, Charlotte NC 28204
(704) 331-1785

I came here on a Saturday afternoon and did didn't wait In line long at all. The cashier Romain made sure to double check on my order as it was for Postmates and got it ready super fast for me! Thanks again!

Arby's - 2501 Little Rock Rd

Rating: 3.7 - 59 Votes

2501 Little Rock Rd, Charlotte NC 28214
(704) 393-1977

Best restaurant in the neighborhood!! The food is always fresh, hot, tasty and delicious. The dining room and common areas are clean. The staff has always been very nice and efficient. This restaurant was recently totally remodeled, so it has a very crisp, modern and pleasant atmosphere. When traveling to Charlotte, more

Arby's - 9518 University City Blvd

Rating: 3.7 - 60 Votes

9518 University City Blvd, Charlotte NC 28213
(704) 548-5360

just stopped by for a happy hour 1.00 shake!! imo , Arbys chocolate shakes are the best around!!! you can't beat the deal between 2-5 every day for their happy hour!! one of my favorite fast food places !!

Arby's - 4724 South Blvd

Rating: 3.5 - 69 Votes

4724 South Blvd, Charlotte NC 28217
(704) 523-9534

Quite some dude with the old girl. It's pretty hard but a little fun variation and you know a thing or just because that's something? This time we were talking at least three dots before work. Gonna try again!


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