Ice Cream Shops near Harrisburg

Pelicans snoballs of Harrisburg Ice Cream Shop • $
4909 State Hwy 49, Harrisburg

“Pelicans Snoballs of Harrisburg offers a wide variety of snow cone flavors, with customers praising the quality of the snoballs. However, the service can be slow at times, with some orders being incorrect or requiring multiple attempts to place. The sugar-free options are not as highly regarded, but the regular flavors are considered excellent, with the "49er" flavor being a recommended choice.“

4.1 Good27 Reviews
Frozen Kups Dessert • $
4481 School House Commons, Harrisburg

Customers` Favorites

Frozen Yogurt

“Frozen Kups offers a warm welcome and enthusiastic service. Their delicious frozen yogurts, Italian ices, and milkshakes, including flavors like Giradelli caramel, are a hit. This family-owned establishment is known for its friendly service and tasty treats, including the highly-recommended homemade banana pudding.“

4.8 Superb44 Reviews
Rocky River Coffee Co. Coffee Shops • $
4350 Main St #109, Harrisburg

Customers` Favorites

Mint Chocolate Chip in a Waffle Cone
Sausage and Cheese Croissant
Egg & Cheese on Croissant
Coffee and a Muffin
Breakfast Sandwich
Everything Bagel
Breakfast Burrito
Pumpkin Pie Latte
Mocha Frappe

“Rocky River Coffee Co. is a charming spot that excels in coffee, food, and atmosphere. The coffee is spectacular, with options like lattes and iced chai lattes. The menu also features delicious items like bacon breakfast burritos. The cafe offers ample seating, including outdoor seating, and a cozy back room perfect for intimate conversations or getting work done. The staff provides a high level of personalization, making each customer feel valued. With moderate prices and a relaxed atmosphere, Rocky River Coffee Co. is a great spot to visit again and again. Plus, it's kid-friendly and has plenty of parking.“

4.5 Superb72 Reviews
Sonic Drive-In Fast Food • $
5445 State Hwy 49, Harrisburg

Customers` Favorites

All Beef Hot Dog and Fries
Strawberry Cheesecake
French Toast Sticks
Chili Cheese Tots
Breakfast Burrito
Corn Dog w Fries
Mozzarella Sticks
Popcorn Chicken
Grilled Cheese
Onion Rings

“It's not the safest space, but it's definitely my favorite Sonic. Why not safe? I saw an employee literally fall drop an order and have to get right back up on her skates and keep going. I'm always curious why some ppl use skates and others don't. My food was hot, tasty, and came out in a timely fashion - no spills. There were some employees doing maintenance on the order signs but otherwise an in and out visit.“

2.8 Average72 Reviews
SWIRL Dessert Bar - Oakhurst Cupcakes • $
1640 Oakhurst Commons Dr #103, Charlotte

Customers` Favorites

Rainbow Sprinkle Cupcake
Chocolate Chip Cookie
Sprinkle Cookie
Chocolate Chips
White Chocolate
Birthday Cake
Toast Crunch
Cookie Dough

“There was no wait. Staff was super nice and helped me customize cupcakes for a last minute birthday! The cupcakes were super moist and delish. 10/10 would recommend. I am definitely going back.

Parking: Small parking lot for the amount of businesses in the area.“

4.7 Superb118 Reviews
Rita's Italian Ice & Frozen Custard Ice Cream Shop • $
The Arbors In Charlotte, 2015 E Arbors Dr #260, Charlotte

Customers` Favorites

Orange and Mango
Frozen Custard
Jolly Rancher
Cotton Candy
Italian Ice

“I arrived right when they opened, and Oliver was incredibly friendly. I got exactly what I wanted, and it was delicious. The wait was short, and everything was explained to me perfectly.

Dietary restrictions: Lactose intolerance“

4.8 Superb61 Reviews
The Crazy Mason Milkshake Bar Concord Ice Cream Shop • $
5965 Thunder Rd NW, Concord

Customers` Favorites

Sweet Cheesus Mint to Be and Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream
Butter My Waffle
Apple Cobbler
Cookie Mashup
Banana Split

“We LOVE this place!!! Perfect add to the Concord area and right up the street from us. The staff is super friendly, fun and helpful .. Love the vibe and decor and the creativity of the menu!!! Huge shout out to the creativity behind the April 15 SWIFTIE night and the ULTRA AMAZINGLY creative shakes and activities and giveaways!! LOVED IT!!!! Thank you!!! Y’all are AMAZING!!!!“

4.4 Superb151 Reviews
Abbott's Frozen Custard Ice Cream Shop • $
10070 Edison Square Dr NW e100, Concord

Customers` Favorites

Hot Fudge

“Great place - delicious custard, great customer service and overall just a great, local shop! We love coming to Abbott’s for our treats!“

4.6 Superb55 Reviews
Papa Robb's Paradise Ice Ice Cream Shop • $
3700 Poplar Tent Rd, Concord

Customers` Favorites

Banana Split

“Get the banana pudding ice cream! I literally can't bring myself to try any other flavors because it's that good. There's also a nice play area for kids. We come here often when the weather is warm. A great and affordable treat for the kids“

4.6 Superb34 Reviews
Crumbl - Concord Mills Bakery • $
8915 Christenbury Pkwy #20, Concord

Customers` Favorites

Kentucky Butter Cake
Milk Chocolate Chip
Chocolate Featuring
Red Velvet Cookie
Kit Kat Cookies
Hazelnut Cookie
Sea Salt Toffee
Smore's Cookie
Chocolate Milk
Chilled Sugar

“?OMG!!!! So good!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️I told my mom today that I am going to start imagining that you do not exist.?? So that way I am not tempted to keep getting your delicious cookies every day. VERY excellent cookies. Best cookies that I ever had in my life: by far.❣️ Stupendous recipe and very kind and courteous staff. So many varieties in cookies. Ps: I secretly wish to swim in your pistachio creme.?‍♀️What an amazing cookie.? Yup!!! It is that amazing. Thank you all, for your great service.“

4.6 Superb229 Reviews