28 Best Ice Cream Shops near Davidson

Whit's Frozen Custard Ice Cream Shop • $
428 S Main St, Davidson

Customers` Favorites

Malted Peanut Butter Pretzel
Vanilla Custard
Cookie Dough

“Honestly, some of the best ice cream I've had on the East Coast. I live in NYC, and this place reminds me of Carvel, which is high praise. I came in, not really knowing what I wanted, or what to expect, ordered the salted caramel brownie thing on the door -- people were polite and friendly, everyone was having a good time, parents brought their children out for ice cream, one father was spoon-feeding his daughter, overall, very nice atmosphere though the décor could use some updating/upgrading (somewhat old benches/wood). The salted caramel thing was mindblowing. Whit's is great!“

4.4 Superb33 Reviews
Soda Shop American • $
104 S Main St, Davidson

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Soda Shop Breakfast with Scrambled Eggs Corned Beef Hash Bacon and French Toast
Breakfast Sandwich
Sweet Potato Fries
Fried Green Beans
Reuben Sandwich
Fried Pickles
Cottage Fries
Curly Fries
Apple Crisp

“This place has a great aesthetic. Upon entering, you are greeted by retro. The bill's banana split caught my eye. When it arrived, the spoons were kind of greasy because of the bananas, so my fingers were all sticky at the end.I did think that there would be different flavors, but it consisted of just vanilla. The cutlery that they provided was unfortunate. If it had been other than plastic, the presentation would have taken a big step ahead. We also ordered the veggie burrito, and it was hot and delicious. The way it was presented was fantastic. Keep in mind that THEY CHARGE EXTRA IF YOU PAY WITH CREDITCARD. They hadn't informed about this beforehand, which was disappointing. Make sure you carry some cash.“

3.8 Good55 Reviews
Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Shop • $
202 S Main St, Davidson

Customers` Favorites

Snackable Cookie Dough Chunks
Wafle Cone Chocolate

“Ben & Jerry’s have been my go-to ice cream for many years. I had not done a review of this location and we have lived here for nearly 4 years.As one other reviewer said, good ice cream but not cheap. On this visit, I believe my husband paid about 15 dollars plus a tip for just two “small” ice creams. So I can’t imagine what a big family may spend in one visit.But it is so so good!“

3.7 Good25 Reviews
Crumbl - Huntersville Bakery • $
10109 Northcross Center Ct #130, Huntersville - 3.93 miles

Customers` Favorites

Iced Oatmeal Cookie with Pralines N Cream Ice Cream
Snickerdoodle Cookie with Cream Cheese Icing
Caramel Shortbread Twix
Chocolate Chip Cookie
Peanut Butter Cookie
New York Cheesecake
Milk Chocolate Chip
Chocolate Covered
Boston Cream Pie
Brownie Cookie

“So delicious and always hit the spot! Cookies are big and are priced good. Helpful that they serve minis for parties. Always a hard decision on which to get (They are all so good!). I look forward to the new flavors/types every week! My favorite cookie has to be the Oreo, so if you see it, I really recommend getting that one!“

4.6 Superb130 Reviews
Morelia Ice Cream Paletas - Huntersville Ice Cream Shop • $
16940 Birkdale Commons Pkwy A, Huntersville - 4.03 miles

Customers` Favorites

Strawberry Cheesecake Waffle Burrito Dipped in White Chocolate Topped with Graham Crackers
Dulce De Leche Filled with Dulce De Leche
Belgian Chocolate

“The young lady working January 13, 2024 might’ve been the sweetest worker I’ve ever been served by. I asked for her suggestion and she happily made me the best dessert I’ve had. Girl deserves a raise or something hahaha - def check it “

4.9 Superb49 Reviews
Handel's Homemade Ice Cream Cornelius Ice Cream Shop • $
20545 Torrence Chapel Rd, Cornelius - 1.99 miles

Customers` Favorites

Coconut Caramel Delight Strawberry Cheesecake Chunk
Chocolate Cake Batter Salty Caramel Truffle
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
Coffee Chocolate Chip
Ice Cream Sandwich
4 Scoop Sampler
Birthday Cake
Butter Pecan
Cotton Candy

“Butter pecan, chocoholic chunk, chocolate cake batter, chocolate chip cookie dough, pistachio, salty caramel truffle, strawberry cheesecake chunk, blueberry cheesecake chunk, banana cream pie, blueberry cobbler, brownie dough, cheesecake with Oreo, chocolate raspberry truffle, coconut caramel delight, coffee chocolate chip, cotton candy, ice cream sandwich vanilla and chocolate. All the flavors were unique and delicious. One of the best ice-creams I’ve ever tasted.“

4.6 Superb119 Reviews
Crumbl - Concord Mills Bakery • $
8915 Christenbury Pkwy #20, Concord - 10.74 miles

Customers` Favorites

Kentucky Butter Cake
Milk Chocolate Chip
Chocolate Featuring
Red Velvet Cookie
Kit Kat Cookies
Hazelnut Cookie
Sea Salt Toffee
Smore's Cookie
Chocolate Milk
Confetti Cake

“Love these cookies!! I have a fatal tree nut allergy, and always have to take precautions when ordering sweets (especially since my family seems to love the almond and macadamia ones).The worker double-checked with me on my allergies, wore a different set of gloves, and put my cookie in a separate box. She was so nice about it.The little things save lives !“

4.5 Superb200 Reviews
Huntersville Ice Cream Shop Ice Cream Shop • $
100 Maxwell Ave, Huntersville - 6.15 miles

“I loved the amount of dairy free options for my girls. we got a scoop of vanilla and chocolate with the oatmilk base a d oatmilk whipped cream and you never would have known it was dairy free!! also my husband and I had the best milkshake ever the perfect consistency and easy to drink!!! loved the vibe of the outside area and the little bench for the kids! definitely will be a new fav visit for us =)“

4.8 Superb50 Reviews
The Percantile and Creamery Coffee Shops • $
8635 Concord Mills Boulevard, Concord - 11.05 miles

Customers` Favorites

Brownie and Chocolate Chip Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich
Waffle Ice Cream Sandwich
Chocolate Chip Cookies
Coffee and Ice Cream
Pastries and Coffee
Breakfast Sandwich
Assorted Truffles
Chocolate Truffles
Chocolate Brownie
Refill Cold Brew

“I was in the area and decided to drop in and get some coffee. Ended up staying for a few hours drinking my coffee and reading. This is a nice little coffee shop. The employees are super friendly! The young man who waited on me, I'm so sorry I didn't get his name, was very friendly and helpful. He answered all of my questions with a smile and just was outstanding in his manners, conversation... Everything! I ordered the salted caramel coffee I think it's called calico. It was very good. I also ordered something called a cronut which is a combination of a doughnut and croissant. It was huge but so good! I ended up staying for a few hours reading while I enjoyed my coffee and cronut. This place has a nice little vibe to it. I just wish the chairs were more comfortable but maybe they're not comfortable so that people don't stay too long, ha ha ha!“

4.5 Superb138 Reviews
Performance Coffee House Coffee Shops • $
143 S Broad St, Mooresville - 6.07 miles

Customers` Favorites

Shot of Espresso
Brewed Coffee

“Stopped in and got a latte. Was really grateful they have sugar-free flavors (I got the sugar-free Caramel). Delicious! Sat outside and enjoyed my latte at one of their tables. A nice, convenient spot for a coffee house. I will go back.I'd like to get a bag of their decaf and try it. I'll post about that after visiting my daughter for Thanksgiving (she mixes regular coffee and decaf coffee due to the fact she gets the jitters with regular coffee only). Can't wait to go back!!“

4.8 Superb43 Reviews
Nekter Juice Bar Juice • $
19116 W Catawba Ave, Cornelius - 2.96 miles

Customers` Favorites

Acai Superfood Bowl Updated
Acai Mango Bowl
Acai Bowl

“My husband, daughter and I have been coming here for at least a year. We love the variety, but a few favorites are the pink flamingo for my daughter, the buzz, and strawberry banana protein. My husband has also bought their to go juices. Everything has been perfect every time!“

4.6 Superb53 Reviews
Jeremiah's Italian Ice Ice Cream Shop • $
112 Argus Ln D, Mooresville - 7.6 miles

Customers` Favorites

Italian Ice

“Was super excited to try this place! Got off of work and drove by and had never seen the shop as I usually don’t drive that direction in the shopping center. Decided I would go there after dinner with my friend. We walked in and there was one person working. Did not greet us at all, we asked how they were doing and they replied “good.” We were observing the menu for a few minutes and then placed our order. The Italian ice / soft serve was AMAZING but I wish the service would have been a bit better.“

4.5 Superb74 Reviews
Abbott's Frozen Custard Ice Cream Shop • $
10070 Edison Square Dr NW e100, Concord - 8.44 miles

Customers` Favorites

Hot Fudge

“This is a detailed review in both English and Spanish.EnglishVisiting Abbott's Frozen Custard was an experience akin to stepping into a slice of heaven. From the moment I walked through the doors, the sweet, enticing aroma of candy greeted me, setting the stage for what was to be an exceptional dessert experience. The custard I ordered seemed to have been sent straight from above, perfectly crafted to my specifications.The service was outstanding; the lady who assisted me was incredibly sweet and patient. She took the time to explain every detail of the dessert process, from the ingredients to the preparation. Her knowledge of the flavors was impressive, and her willingness to delve into the specifics of my taste preferences made the experience truly personalized. She suggested the day's special, Nacho Custard—a divine blend of coconut and vanilla, mixed with marshmallow and caramel. Opting for her recommendation, I was not disappointed. The combination was sublime, an absolute delight to the senses.This visit to Abbott's Custard was more than just a simple treat; it was a journey of culinary delight. The attention to detail, the quality of the custard, and the exceptional service went above and beyond my expectations. It’s a must-visit for anyone seeking a taste of paradise.SpanishVisiting Abbott’s Frozen Custard was an experience comparable to entering a piece of heaven. From the moment I walked through the doors, the sweet and tantalizing aroma of caramel greeted me, setting the stage for what would be an exceptional dessert experience. The ice cream I ordered seemed to have been sent straight from heaven, perfectly made to my specifications.The service was outstanding; The lady who assisted me was incredibly sweet and patient. He took the time to explain every detail of the dessert process, from ingredients to preparation. Their knowledge of flavors was impressive, and their willingness to delve into the specifics of my taste preferences made the experience truly personalized. He suggested the special of the day, the Custard Nacho—a divine blend of coconut and vanilla, combined with marshmallow and caramel. Opting for your recommendation, I was not disappointed. The combination was sublime, an absolute delight for the senses.This visit to Abbott’s Custard was more than just a whim; It was a journey of culinary delight. The attention to detail, quality of the custard and exceptional service exceeded my expectations. It is a must visit for anyone looking for a taste of paradise.“

4.6 Superb51 Reviews
The Crazy Mason Milkshake Bar Concord Ice Cream Shop • $
5965 Thunder Rd NW, Concord - 10.8 miles

Customers` Favorites

Butter My Waffle
Apple Cobbler
Sweet Cheesus
Cookie Mashup
Banana Split

“We LOVE this place!!! Perfect add to the Concord area and right up the street from us. The staff is super friendly, fun and helpful .. Love the vibe and decor and the creativity of the menu!!! Huge shout out to the creativity behind the April 15 SWIFTIE night and the ULTRA AMAZINGLY creative shakes and activities and giveaways!! LOVED IT!!!! Thank you!!! Y’all are AMAZING!!!!“

4.4 Superb127 Reviews
Bruster's Real Ice Cream Ice Cream Shop • $
252 Williamson Rd, Mooresville - 6.29 miles

Customers` Favorites

Chocolate Ice Cream

“Love this place, they still make there waffle cones in house, not many places left doing that, I had the cookies in cream and it was wonderful, you definitely get your moneys worth here, the young women who took my order and so professional and helpful, I'll be stopping by this place any chance I get, and I would recommend you do the same.“

4.6 Superb49 Reviews
SmallCakes Mooresville, NC Bakery • $
591 River Hwy, Mooresville - 6.66 miles

Customers` Favorites

Red Velvet Ice Cream
Peanut Butter Cup
Cookies 'N Cream
Wedding Cake

“My son has visited here several times and suggested we stop in for a treat. The staff was very friendly and helpful. There is an amazing variety of cupcakes. We went with the ice cream sundae and it was excellent. Specialty places like this aren't cheap but the quality and taste of the product make up for it. We would definitely visit again.“

4.7 Superb36 Reviews
Two Scoops Creamery - Mooresville (LKN) Ice Cream Shop • $
119 Landings Dr #104, Mooresville - 2.21 miles

Customers` Favorites

Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich
Rainbow Sprinkles
Reuben Sandwich
Kid's Scoop

“We absolutely love this ice cream shop. ? great people and wonderful tasty flavors every time. We have been here for about 6 years now, and I always give kids gift cards from here for their birthdays. You can't get any better than this.Don and Jerri ( I hope I spelling her name right) are amazing people, and everyone there always treats my boys great.“

4.6 Superb44 Reviews
Andy's Frozen Custard Ice Cream Shop • $
17055 Nat Bynum Ln, Cornelius - 2.2 miles

Customers` Favorites

Frozen Custard

“I absolutely love this Andy's Frozen Custard location! The employees are extremely polite, and they get you in and out fast. I've never left disappointed, and neither has my dog. She loves getting a pup cup every time we go. Best frozen custard around!“

4.4 Superb58 Reviews
Carolina Cones Ice Cream Shop • $
20801 N Main St, Cornelius - 0.77 miles

“Such a Great local place- 40 years and counting!! It's just down the road from my grandparents so I always take time to eat here when back home. Have started taking my little niece and nephew up there now too. The peppermint milk shake is my current favorite but can't go wrong with any of the options.“

4.6 Superb30 Reviews


Kilwins Ice Cream • $$
16926 Birkdale Commons Pkwy A, Huntersville - 4.06 miles

Customers` Favorites

Split Scoop of Ice Cream
Single Cake Cone

“What can I say.... it's Kilwins..... they know how to get you. They just leave their front door open and the smell alone brings you into the store!!! This store is located in Birkdale Village a prime shopping location with plenty of shops and restaurants. This store has plenty of variety from ice cream, to fudge, to popcorn. You will definitely be able to find a sweet treat. The staff is always very friendly! Highly recommend!“

4.5 Superb39 Reviews
Whit's Frozen Custard Ice Cream Shop • $
279 Williamson Rd, Mooresville - 6.18 miles

“First time in a Whit's. What a pleasant experience. Their selection of flavorable custards is wide and very innovative mixed creations. Products are fresh. There is a cooler of prepared products for quick purchases. Facility is very clean and well maintained.Really appreciated their veterans discount.Make sure you support this business.Parking: Plenty parking in shared lot.“

4.7 Superb19 Reviews
Wesley's World Sweet Life. (Sully's Shaved Ice) Ice Cream Shop •
8712 Arbor Creek Dr, Charlotte - 8.78 miles

“I had a Sunday cheesecake and I can tell you it was the best ice cream I’ve ever had. It tasted amazing. I love frozen yogurt but Wesley’s world ice cream exceeded my expectations. Thank you for passing by Truliant and provided us with your delicious ice cream. Thank you Mr. Chad and Wesley.“

4.9 Superb12 Reviews
Inizio Pizza Napoletana Huntersville Pizza • $
16627 Birkdale Commons Pkwy, Huntersville - 4.33 miles

Customers` Favorites

Neapolitan Pizza Napoletana
Marinara Pizza No Cheese
Pistachio Pesto Pizza
Margherita Pizza
Pistacchio Pizza
Diavola Pizza
Bianca Pizza

“I have eaten at this location here in Huntersville multiple times as it is right around the corner from where I live. Having lived here for 14 years coming from South Florida I am happy that we finally have a true Neapolitan pizza place in the area. The pizzas are always created with care and even the salads are fantastic. My only request for them is that they start allowing half orders of toppings to be more accommodating to the people they serve. Nothing bad to say about this place. Truly go to spot for a great pizza.“

4.1 Good80 Reviews
Mooresville Ice Cream Co Ice Cream Shop • $$
172 N Broad St, Mooresville - 6.2 miles

Customers` Favorites

Waffle Cone

“The young men who work in the store are always pleasant and attentive. I was greeted as soon as I entered and promptly assisted me. The shop always looks closed from the outside despite the "open" sign. The store is spotless! The ice cream was delicious (butter pecan) $4.70. I'd definitely come back the next time I'm in town. I love excellent service and make it a point to stop by whenever we are here visiting family.“

4.2 Good34 Reviews
sweetFrog Premium Frozen Yogurt Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt • $
8528-10 Pit Stop Ct NW, Concord - 11.24 miles

Customers` Favorites

Chocolate Peanut Butter Swirl
Frozen Yogurt with Toppings
New York Cheesecake
Cake Batter

“This place is awesome! They have a very large selection of toppings to choose from and everything is always delicious. The store is always clean and the manager Nicole is very nice and helpful - always goes above and beyond! We just recently discovered this place and now we come a couple of times a month and could not be happier with the food and service! It sounds like they had some problems in the past but the new owners and management are doing a great job at trying to turn things around. If you haven't been in a while you need to go back and check them out.“

4.2 Good32 Reviews
Whit's Frozen Custard Ice Cream Shop • $
10410 Arahova Dr, Huntersville - 5.91 miles

Customers` Favorites


“It was my first visit. I am originally from Milwaukee and addicted to KOPPs custard. I have not been able to find good at real frozen custard in the two previous states I lived in. I tried other custard here in Charlotte but Whits is definitely custard. It was worth the 20 minute drive to try it for the first time. I was upset with myself for getting a kid size strawberry sundae with pecans and bananas. It was very good. I got a cone for the road. The two young ladies on staff were awesome, friendly, patient and helpful. They knew about what they were selling. One told me that I would probably like it after sharing my disappointment with custard on my travels. She said it’s based in Ohio which is a Midwest state. I have now finally found my go to frozen custard place, Whits. I would definitely recommend Whits if you have not tried it. They have delicious custard and great service.“

4.1 Good39 Reviews


TCBY Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt • $
9934 Rose Commons Dr, Huntersville - 6.29 miles

Customers` Favorites

Kiwi Strawberry Sorbet
Watermelon Sorbet
Limeade Sorbet
Salted Caramel
Orange Sorbet
Mango Sorbet

“there was something for everyone! my husband got the Salted caramel and my son got the watermelon which tasted like watermelon jolly ranchers. I got the Italian tart which was so good I wanted seconds. They had a wide selection of toppings from cookies to chocolate to gummy worms. Staff was friendly and I will definitely be coming by again.“

4.3 Superb13 Reviews
Cookies N Creme Ice Cream & More Ice Cream Shop • $
117 N Pilot Knob Rd, Denver - 8.87 miles

Customers` Favorites

Ice Cream Cups and Cones

“Went there late evening for a refreshing cold treat to escape the heat. My family was greeted by a friendly young lady who was very eager to assist us. The store was very clean and welcoming. The ice cream was very rich and delicious and a fair price for what we ordered. I definitely will be going back again in the future.“

4 Good35 Reviews