9 Best Coffee Shops in Edison

“We just discovered this place in the last few months and Wow! The food is so good, the place is spotless and the service is always friendly. Shatal, the owner, reaches out to everyone like you're an old friend.Highly recommend a visit!”

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“Everything is made to order here, so drinks and snacks are refreshing and toasty. This is the best place to get croffles and special drinks. Honestly, probably the best cafe in the Highland Park/Edison area anyways if you like the type of drinks and snacks they offer. The people working here are also very kind. They will deliver to your car door too as space inside is just limited to 1 very small table.The ordering app through Toast is kind of bad though and displays inaccurate prices when trying to order the Dalgona for instance. Toast is helpful for their rewards system though which is great if you come here often.Parking: Free parking spaces alongside store front and store side”

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“Nice neighborhood restaurant. We had a Portobello bomb that came with peppers cheese and your choice of chicken or beef. We had it with chicken and it was delicious. We also tried the Portobello bacon ? cheeseburger ?. Sirloin burger with mushrooms, cheddar cheese and onions on a brioche roll and we loved it. Also tried their regular and sweet potato fries and both were great. Will be a repeat customer.”

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“Best coffee shop I have ever been to! The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. They know you by name after the first few visits and also know your order! My new favorite…iced matcha with a shot of vanilla, light ice! You ask and they ALWAYS deliver. And the owners, Jen and Ralph…If you see them, you wouldn’t even know they are the owners, the most KIND and modest people you will ever meet. Pictured: (Coconut latte with oatmilk and hot chocolate with toasted marshmallow)”

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“A pleasant stop in my day to have a cup of coffee or iced tea. The owner and workers are always kind and cheerful, and cultivate a nice community space. For those wondering, they have plenty of indoor and outdoor seating, wifi, power outlets, and a well kept bathroom for customers.”

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“We took a road trip down to explore Edison on the occasion of a farewell gettogether to a friend. We stopped by Sunmerry Bakery - A Taiwanese base store for some coffee and pastries. When entering, I was surprisingly impressed with the bunch of choices on pasties, cakes, and coffee. They all looked super tempting. I bought a big bag of several kinds and they were all yum. Also, I loved their Salted Cheese Cold Brew as well, creamy milk foam and not too salty compared to other places. The dine-in environment is spacious and clean, a good pick for a stop/break.”

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“A little pricey but not unexpected for a dessert place. The slices are portioned for 1 person or if you don't enjoy sweets perhaps you can share with another person. The mango slice pictured in my review is so good. I highly recommend. They have cute little detailing and Paris baguette is right by some awesome stores and the Hmart. I enjoyed this deeply and I will be coming back. Service was great and there are some seating options inside and some outside but not a lot overall.”

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“Certainly, this place is a great selection of ice cream, but their ordering is completely out of control as you would not know. After ordering, you need to reach a different counter and ask for your order. Also, seating is very limited. I will go back again as I like the taste of ice cream!!”

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“Y’all better not let this place flop bc their fruit tea drinks are fire. I haven’t really tried their milk tea yet but I have yet to find anywhere else in this area that has really good and wide selection of fruit teas. Highly recommend.”

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