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Asked for coffee but the manager/trainer told me they didn't have coffee. When I asked are you out of coffee or you just don't want to make coffee. She told me well I would have to walk all the way to the back to get the coffee bag. I took a soda instead, not what I wanted. I worked for Burger King and I know we would have never told a customer anything like that. Jeff and Tom if this is still your store you need to check on who you are hiring. Very unprofessional.

For sure the absolute worst EVER time i have ever gone to BK. Got there at 2:39PM on Sunday 10/6/19 with coupon for two whopper jrs and two small fries. Walk in and there's two people working: one on the drive through, one cooking. I give the lady my order, there was only one other customer waiting for his order. The drive through get getting their food cooked and delivered, I waited and waited. Total of 25 god damn minutes before they realize they never even started the order....read full review
Updating my previous review after yet another experience - this one unacceptable. Drive through was pretty efficient this time and the woman in the window was very pleasant. I got two Whoppers and a 10-piece nugget (this last on a whim). The Whoppers were just fine - just as expected. The nuggets were inedible. First of all, they smelled wrong - the second the bag entered my car, there was the smell of old grease. When I got them home, I was amazed at how dried out they looked....read full review

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About Burger King

It's the Home of the Whopper, and it's a great day to stop at Burger King to get one of their flame-grilled burgers. Other places only give you fries, but at Burger King, you can choose onion rings to shake things up a little. And speaking of shakes, an Oreo shake will totally hit the spot so get one of those too. You can have it your way because every sandwich is made to order, making it a hot, fresh and fast meal night or day!