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7 Heyward St, Brooklyn
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This is an example of a bad bagel. Sorry to be harsh but this is nyc where the bagel was essentially invented and competition is fierce. The bagel had no bite and density to it, meaning when I bit into it, it just broke apart way too easily. It should be dense and chewy, and there should be some effort to bite into a good bagel. This felt more like a bread roll, and kind of a stale one at that. The outside had no crust and the inside was way too bready.

Place small but clean. Staff was quick and friendly. The Bagel was fresh, and Lox. The clientele people coming in using no papers putting hands in the bushels taking the bagels which fresh and if didn't like put down. Saw a girl put her nose down to smell the milk if it was fresh. Hands are dirty to touch food.

The bagels were small and stale. I had to reach my hand in the pile of bagels to the bottom of the pile to get the fresher ones which made me wonder how many other people have been reaching their hands in. The shop was tiny and had nowhere to sit and was in a dirty industrial neighborhood with traffic, honking, and nowhere to hang out. The servers were nice and friendly but the patrons were pushy and rude. I wonâ??t return.

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