Burger King in Cincinnati

Burger King - 5015 Glenway Ave

Rating: 3.5 - 35 Votes

5015 Glenway Ave, Cincinnati OH 45238
(513) 471-8399

Food and service always good! They do however need to post on their website the dining room hours because they are different from drive thru and if you don't have a car you can't order. I have seen a few people turned away for not having a car to go through the drive thru.

Burger King - 5120 Delhi Pike

Rating: 3.5 - 48 Votes

5120 Delhi Pike, Cincinnati OH 45238
(513) 922-1880

This is a fast food restaurant. It is an exceptionally good one. I have gone here often to dine inside and drive thru. If you ask for your food to be cooked to order, they happily do so. They have the best ice cream cones for $1 The employees are always friendly and courteous. Coupons are frequently delivered in the local...read more

Burger King - 812 Eastgate S Dr

Rating: 3.4 - 59 Votes

812 Eastgate S Dr, Cincinnati OH 45245
(513) 752-8141

Tried the Impossible Whopper for the first time, really could not tell the difference. I am an old country boy and for something like this to not taste funny or a bad after taste was pretty in incredible. I foresee all the other burger joints going to the see type of buyers.

Burger King - 2701 Bearcat Way

Rating: 3.1 - 17 Votes

2701 Bearcat Way, Cincinnati OH 45221
(513) 556-2522

Burger King - 6452 Glenway Ave

Rating: 3.1 - 47 Votes

6452 Glenway Ave, Cincinnati OH 45211
(513) 574-4900

I come here often , I come here for breakfast and for dinner WAY better service at night then in the morning. Night workers are a lot more friendly with a great smile always and ready to help. Great manager at night little pregnant woman very sweet. If you eat here come at night time.

Burger King - 1555 West Galibraith Rd

Rating: 3.1 - 44 Votes

1555 West Galibraith Rd, Cincinnati OH 45231
(513) 931-3931

I had to use the restroom, so I bought something out of sppreciation and gave it to a your gentleman that thanked me. The place was clean and eye appealing. Great place to enjoy a meal and collect your thoughts.

Burger King - 8549 Winton Rd

Rating: 3.1 - 46 Votes

8549 Winton Rd, Cincinnati OH 45231
(513) 931-8134

This was the cleanest Burger King I have ever been to. It was all I expect from a fast food restaurant. Tables and bathrooms were clean and up kept. My order was taken with a genuinely helpful attitude. The food was hot and fresh, and it came quickly after being placed. I gave it five stars because it met and exceeded my...read more

Burger King - 9065 Union Cemetery Rd

Rating: 3.1 - 56 Votes

9065 Union Cemetery Rd, Cincinnati OH 45249
(513) 677-9474

Burger King meat seems like it's juicer and bigger than McDonald's. A double cheeseburger seems to go a long way compared to a quarter pounder at a fraction of the cost. I'd go with BK if given the choice...

Burger King - 512 Ohio Pike

Rating: 3.1 - 45 Votes

512 Ohio Pike, Cincinnati OH 45255
(513) 528-6320

Brand new location. The impossible burger is a great addition to the original veggie burger. I've been a vegetarian for 21years and they are the first to offer vegetarian burgers on a large scale and the impossible burger is great. They also have the newest drink kiosk that actually works and mixes the drink you select...read more

Burger King - 10425 Reading Rd

Rating: 3 - 53 Votes

10425 Reading Rd, Cincinnati OH 45241
(513) 563-1525

I went through the drive-thru and the lady in the Drive-Thru is very sweet and nice my food was great and the service was fast. We got a Whopper and An Original Chicken Sandwich. Which both were made exactly they way we asked for them.

Burger King - 10170 Colerain Ave

Rating: 3 - 49 Votes

10170 Colerain Ave, Cincinnati OH 45251
(513) 741-7373

Haven't been to a BK in years (partly because the one in my hometown wasn't very, well, clean) so it was nice to walk into a clean place. Service was fast and friendly, and if BK keeps the Impossible Wopper, I may start coming more often. ^.^

Burger King - 9427 Colerain Ave

Rating: 2.9 - 39 Votes

9427 Colerain Ave, Cincinnati OH 45251
(513) 923-9427

I'm typically not a fast food person, but the food here is good. Fast service, and the staff was the best, the manager i do believe was so joyful and upbeat with everyone. Glad to see someone who cares about their job, even if it is fast food or not. Make the best of what you have!

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