IHOP in Cincinnati

IHOP - 7400 Beechmont Ave

Rating: 3.6 - 79 Votes

7400 Beechmont Ave, Cincinnati OH 45255
(513) 233-2505

Great comfort food (and the best onion rings) and where you can eat breakfast for dinner. Kids love the variety of pancakes and I always get an omelette, unless it's a brunch burger (egg on top).

IHOP - 9540 Colerain Ave

Rating: 3.3 - 73 Votes

9540 Colerain Ave, Cincinnati OH 45251
(513) 385-0029

There was an sever name Jay that helped me and my girl with our daughter and gave us some apple sauce for her to eat. Because she was so loud. We're so thankful for the service and relatability between us and him. Thank IHOP for that kind of service.

IHOP - 4825 Marburg Ave

Rating: 2.6 - 75 Votes

4825 Marburg Ave, Cincinnati OH 45209
(513) 731-3666

It's great to see a place is still open late ... great food, friendly service and we felt very relaxed with no tension. Everyone seemed to have a great attitude, no grumpiness and service with a smile ... thanks to all that work there tonight you guys are awesome!

IHOP - 7862 Montgomery Rd

Rating: 2.6 - 77 Votes

7862 Montgomery Rd, Cincinnati OH 45236
(513) 891-1777

Always hot food that is always good. Like Krystal, it's sister version of the gut bomb hamburger place, you know what you are getting and it is always what you expect. Hot and fresh food on the go at a price that's a little high but worth it when you want this type of food.

IHOP - 1217 Omniplex Dr

Rating: 2.6 - 82 Votes

1217 Omniplex Dr, Cincinnati OH 45240
(513) 671-5042

The funnel cake had no taste to it. All was fine though as our waiter ..no questions asked..took it away and brought me pancakes instead. He was a hardworking guy who seemed to be the only one there.


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