Restaurants in South Euclid

Best Restaurants in South Euclid

Chelo’s Kitchen 4446 Mayfield Rd, South Euclid Family • $

Customers` Favorites

Country Fried Steak
Carne Asada Burrito
Breakfast Skillet
Chelo Skillet
Breakfast Quesadilla
Italian Wedding Soup
Breakfast Burrito
Corned Beef Hash
Cuban Sandwich

“This is a great place to eat. Reasonably priced, good food and friendly. I eat here a few times a month and never have had a bad experience. I definitely recommend.”

4.8 Superb78 Reviews
Eat at Joe's 1475 S Green Rd, South Euclid American • $

Customers` Favorites

French Toast
Eggs Benedict
Ham and Cheese Omelet
Veggie Omelet
Turkey Club
Breakfast Sandwich Hash Browns

“Perfect Dinner with grits, French toast and friendliness that is just right Get there early if you want fantastic grits ?They were able to scramble my eggs and add mushrooms to them! ?Plus they gave out roses on mothers day ?Definitely coming back on my best trip to Cleveland.”

4.6 Superb107 Reviews
Dede's Hibachi Express 4261 Mayfield Rd, South Euclid Asian • $

Customers` Favorites

Oxtail Soup
Special Fried Rice Steak Chicken & Shrimp
Hibachi Chicken & Shrimp
Hibachi Steak & Shrimp
Hibachi Salmon Shrimp
Yum-Yum Sauce

“First time here and will definitely be back! Affordable and the portions are beyond huge and delicious! We had the Hibachi chicken/steak and Hibachi scallops - all cooked to perfection. Not one gristly bit of steak either! There were surprise noodles in there too that we were happy to try ? Friendly service w a smile, even from the chef in the back! Clean and pleasant atmosphere.”

4.7 Superb55 Reviews
Le Chaim 14417 Cedar Rd, South Euclid Salad • $

Customers` Favorites

French Fries
Schnitzel Platter Chicken Poppers
Grilled Chicken Salad
Classic Burger

“Visiting from out of town, we ordered the house burger, fire popper sub, and chili fries.The popper sub was outstanding. I wish I ordered another for the plane! The burger was fine but I don't think the pulled beef added enough to warrant getting again. Great sauces and good medium-done burger.Chili fries: i recommend just ordering and enjoying separately. The chili was great but the fries aren't crunchy enough to withstand the liquid. On their own, the fries are also good and crispy enough.”

4.9 Superb34 Reviews
Engel's Sports Bar & Grille 4030 Mayfield Rd, South Euclid Bar & Grill • $

Customers` Favorites

Jerk Chicken Philly
Jerk Chicken and Festival
Chicken Loaded Potatoes
Grilled Chicken Salad
Philly Cheese Steak
Shrimp Salad

“So... THIS is where I'll be getting my oxtails when I'm too lazy to make them! They were excellent. I got the oxtail dinner, a beef patty, and a side of plantains. The portions were impressive, and everything was seasoned perfectly. The beef patty was basically the same beef patty you'd get everywhere else, but that's okay because they're always good. But, back to the oxtails... soooooo tender and meaty with the perfect amount of gravy! I was happy enough to have a great, well-made meal, but the spinners knocked me off my feet! I've had Jamaican oxtails from here to California, but no one's ever added spinners to my meal! If you don't know, they're yummy, dense, cylindrical dumplings. They made me SO happy! She's putting out quality food with such love and care. These are the types of chefs and restaurants that we need to support.”

4.8 Superb30 Reviews


Jade 14421 Cedar Rd, South Euclid Kosher • $

Customers` Favorites

Sweet and Sour Chicken
Mongolian Beef
General TSO Chicken
Orange Chicken
Egg Drop Soup
Chicken and Broccoli
Crispy Mala Chicken
Sesame Chicken

“I just googled Chinese food and went there but was shocked at the price! But it was worth every last cent! Apparently it's all Kosher and it's literally dripping with love! As in, my mouth fell in love with it! I'd pay double it's so worth it! Aye, you get what you pay for! Don't let the price deter you, you won't regret it!!! DELICIOUS!!!!”

4.3 Superb54 Reviews
Bubbakoo's Burritos 1916 Warrensville Center Rd Bldg F, Space F-3, South Euclid Mexican • $

Customers` Favorites

Tostada Salad
Burrito Bowl
Nachos the Works - Build Your Own
Ghost Pepper Chicken Burrito
Steak and Shrimp Chiwawa

“Watch out chipotle....bigger portions and taste pretty good with more options. The only thing I don't like is they cut ur toppings off at 5 or 6 whereas chipotle lets u get however many which is no biggie...only reason I gave food a 4.”

4.2 Good51 Reviews
Milky Way Cleveland 1980 Warrensville Center Rd, South Euclid Kosher • $

Customers` Favorites

Spinach and Feta Pretzel
Eggplant Parmesan
Mozzarella Sticks
Slice of Pizza
Salad Bar
Pretzels Garlic and Pepper Jack
Plain Pretzel

“Food is epic, service can be sped up considerably.

Dietary restrictions: This is a Kosher establishment so there will not be any bacon or other meat products or derivatives alone or within a sandwich or item.”

4.2 Good46 Reviews
Warehouse Fish & Chicken 4265 Monticello Blvd, South Euclid Chicken Wings • $

Customers` Favorites

Perch Dinner
Onion Rings
Perch Sandwich
Warehouse Chicken Philly with Fries
3 Wings & 2 Pieces Whiting Fillets
Salmon Burger with Honey Glaze
3 Pieces Wings with Fries
Chicken Wings with Fries
Catfish Fillet Dinner

“I went for my first time and everything was cooked to perfection!”

4 Good80 Reviews

Customers` Favorites

Boneless Wings
Buffalo Chicken
Chicken Wings
Veggie Pizza
Bone-Less Wings 1 2 lb
Mussels a Full Pound
Chicken Quesadilla
Chicken Philly
Italian Hoagie
Garlic Bread

“Ordered from Geppettos three or four times, my new go to pizza place, from the person taking the order to the person delivering the pizza its been top notch, also love the meat fess pizza..”

4.1 Good45 Reviews
Piada Italian Street Food 13947 Cedar Rd, South Euclid Italian • $

Customers` Favorites

Power Bowl
Carbonara Pasta
Chicken Sauteed Mushrooms
Crispy Chicken blt Piada
The Farmers Market Salad
Create Your Own Pasta
Cannoli Chips
Garlic Dough

“Everytime I go there the food always good and the worker Alway cool I love going their Thanks Jennifer 😍🤪🤪”

3.9 Good115 Reviews
Grille 55 4441 Mayfield Rd, South Euclid Bar

Customers` Favorites

Lemon Drop
Garlic Mash
Catfish Dinner
Perch Dinner
Fried Green Tomatoes
Chicken Tenders
Grilled Egg Burger
Fried Lobster Bites

“The meal with Mama Laura and server Tae was an incredible experience. You often hear of the chefs coming to the table talking with the patrons, Mama Laura was very personable and engaging. Server Tae instantly earned a generous tip by attending to us within minutes of us being seated. He showed genuine concern for our dining and spirits needs. I highly recommend this establishment for the excellent 'home cooked' soul food and customer service. You will not be disappointed. Also try the to go menu next door.”

3.9 Good84 Reviews


AROVA 13911 Cedar Rd, South Euclid Falafel • $

Customers` Favorites

Sweet Potato Fries
Grilled Chicken
Israeli Salad
Crispy Schnitzel
Chicken Fingers
Shawarma Platter
Yemenite Soup

“This place has great food. The seasonings are perfect and everything was tasty. The pickled vegetables are amazing and really give you a full flavor. They do a good job overall with catering and take out orders.”

4 Good30 Reviews
Hibachi One 4454 Mayfield Rd #3634, South Euclid Japanese • $

Customers` Favorites

Hibachi Shrimp
Steak and Shrimp Fried Rice
Chicken and Shrimp Hibachi
Yum Yum Sauce Each
Vegetable Hibachi
Chicken Yakisoba
Teriyaki Chicken
Shrimp Tempura 3

“Doesn't look like much but these folk in the kitchen are too busy worrying about slinging food. I've always had decent food here and while the prices have increased still worth it for a quick takeout order.”

3.9 Good39 Reviews
Five Guys 13971 Cedar Rd, South Euclid Fast Food • $

Customers` Favorites

Little Cheeseburger
Cheeseburger with Everything
Bacon Cheese Dog
Large Fries
Regular Fries
Little Fries
Bottled Soda
Bacon Burger
Sprite Bottle
Diet Coke Bottle

“My son and Father LOVE cheeseburgers and fries! This is a go to burger and fries! Consistent and good! I’ve always been trying wonderful! Lots of kindness and some good laughs!”

3.8 Good63 Reviews

More Restaurants in South Euclid

Dairy King 4321 Mayfield Rd, South Euclid Ice Cream Shop • $

“I’ve been to Dairy King on Mayfield a few times and I’ve had great experiences. The prices are really reasonable and you get more BANG for your buck! I make sure to drive 15-20 minutes just to get ice cream from this place. You should too! Sometimes the lines can be long but the crew in there are pretty quick with managing the lines. Make your way there!”

4.4 Superb42 Reviews
Subway 14419 Cedar Rd, South Euclid Sandwich Shop • $

Customers` Favorites

Black Forest Ham for Kids
Baked Lay's Original
Oven Roasted Turkey
Lay’S Classic
Elite Chicken

“I always have an amazing experience when I come in. The customer service here is always EXCELLENT. I order online and they always make sure to exceed expectations on my extra pickles request. Thank you all for everything you do :)”

4 Good21 Reviews
Nothing Bundt Cakes 13949 Cedar Rd, South Euclid Bakery • $

Customers` Favorites

Red Velvet Cake
White Chocolate Raspberry
Chocolate Chocolate Chip
Bundtlet Towers
10 Cakes
8 Cakes

“They deserve more than 5 stars. I had the double chocolate chip and red velvet cake and OMG. I have neverrr been so in love. And the icing is WOW. Like 100 stars ?”

3.9 Good27 Reviews
Spoto's Bar and Grill 4294 Mayfield Rd, South Euclid Bar & Grill • $

“Aint there with 4 of my girlfriends to day? I can't believe I forgot to take a picture. I had the wings which were garlic buttered which were delicious. And everybody seemed to be very happy with their food period the quesadilla was really good. My one friend had the others had burgers. Everybody was very satisfied.”

4.1 Good14 Reviews
Subway 4501 Mayfield Rd, South Euclid Sandwich Shop • $

Customers` Favorites

Steak & Cheese

“Best Subway around. Greeted with smiles and a hello, while they prepare my fresh sub.Appreciate the service, clean store and fresh ingredients! Thank youWill be back soon”

4.1 Good12 Reviews