Arby's in Tulsa

Arby's - 201 W 5th St Ste 100

Rating: 4.1 - 34 Votes

201 W 5th St Ste 100, Tulsa OK 74103
(918) 599-0830

I have always loved Arby's food the roast beef and cheddar I love the Italian sub I like the salads I like the sandwiches they are grateful the price is a little high but you're paying for the roast beef so I don't get to eat there often but when I do I get what I want and I love it and you have to try the chocolate more

Arby's - 9101 S Yale Ave

Rating: 4 - 44 Votes

9101 S Yale Ave, Tulsa OK 74137
(918) 492-8122

I tried the ham and cheese slider sandwiches. They are served on a soft, warm bun. The thin sliced ham has a savory flavor. It is covered with delicious melty cheese. Try some! They are only $1.49! During the afternoon, they are offered for $1.

Arby's - 12926 E 21st St

Rating: 4 - 48 Votes

12926 E 21st St, Tulsa OK 74129
(918) 437-9238

You can't go wrong with Arby's. I love the Reuben sandwich. I'm also signed up to reciever deals via texts, so yes I do eat Arby's often. My food is always hot and fresh, 2 thumbs up!

Arby's - 2918 E 11th St

Rating: 4 - 58 Votes

2918 E 11th St, Tulsa OK 74104
(918) 583-8545

I ordered postmates food for someone and they got me the food super quick and it was exactly what I ordered. The guy at the register was really doing his job and made the line fly he went to the back to help make things quick too

Arby's - 4909 S Yale Ave

Rating: 3.9 - 55 Votes

4909 S Yale Ave, Tulsa OK 74135
(918) 622-1413

A few weeks ago I came in to get the 2 for 6 on the roast beef and cheddar with bacon. Upon walking there, I stepped off a curb and sprained my ankle but I was determined to get to the Arbys that was only 5 more minutes of walking. As I gripped the door to go inside I could smell all the delicious foods that were more

Arby's - 5980 S 49th W Ave

Rating: 3.9 - 47 Votes

5980 S 49th W Ave, Tulsa OK 74107
(918) 445-6835

Customer service was great. Got a hair in our food and they was happy to fix it with no trouble. The ladies was there with a smile. There was only 3 of them there and a restaurant full of people and they still offered fast friendly service. So way to go ladies. (This is for spapulpa off of 49th street/ service road)

Arby's - 4641 N Peoria Ave

Rating: 3.9 - 37 Votes

4641 N Peoria Ave, Tulsa OK 74126
(918) 425-2553

Ok, this used to be an awesome alternative for lunch. Now the prices have increased 2 times in about 6 months or so. This restaurant had 3 people staffed when I went in. I remember the manager well. Cali. She was zooming circles around the other 2 employees and she made it look easy with cars in line in drive more

Arby's - 4335 Southwest Blvd

Rating: 3.9 - 45 Votes

4335 Southwest Blvd, Tulsa OK 74107
(918) 446-2050

This may seem like some kind of podunk side of the road West Tulsa afterthought of a fast food restaurant at first glance. I assure you it is not. This location always treats me right. In my experiece the fries are hot and fresh, soda tastes great, and they aren't afraid to give you a great amount of beef. The more

Arby's - 1443 S Memorial Dr

Rating: 3.8 - 47 Votes

1443 S Memorial Dr, Tulsa OK 74112
(918) 838-0997

I go to this location often during the week because it's near my shop. They have fresh hot food on every visit. I want to say thank you to the young man that works the drive thru at night. He so sweet and funny every visit. Thank you young man you give me the laughs i need to finish the rest of my work day out.

Arby's - 6919 S Lewis Ave

Rating: 3.8 - 44 Votes

6919 S Lewis Ave, Tulsa OK 74105
(918) 492-6170

I get coupons for Arbys almost every month, which I love. This particular resturant is within walking distance of my home which makes it great for me! The workers are always friendly and suggest the most inexpensive way to get what you want.

Arby's - 10118 S Memorial Dr

Rating: 3.8 - 45 Votes

10118 S Memorial Dr, Tulsa OK 74133
(918) 369-5007

Arby's has always had great good if you lean more towards the carnivorous side. This particular location provides speedy service, a clean establishment, and staff members that know their jobs well. They are not the most courteous of employees and do not smile often but they know how to get the job done and keep the more

Arby's - 7117 S Olympia Ave

Rating: 3.7 - 51 Votes

7117 S Olympia Ave, Tulsa OK 74132
(918) 447-3711

I've always thought Arby's was a little pricey. But in recent years the menu has expanded. The sandwiches are more like you would get in a more upscale place and worth the money. Can you say "BACON"?

Arby's - 4027 S Garnett Rd

Rating: 3.7 - 45 Votes

4027 S Garnett Rd, Tulsa OK 74145
(918) 270-2877

Y'all need to check out there shamrock shake it's awesome and have that with a French dip man you couldn't believe the taste I have my girlfriend loves that shamrock shake it's mini and it's minty I tried a little bit of it but I don't like men that good but we love to go back every once in awhile and have a shake in more

Arby's - 1943 S Harvard Ave

Rating: 3.7 - 50 Votes

1943 S Harvard Ave, Tulsa OK 74112
(918) 747-2935

I love Arbys the roast beef n Cheeder is my go to meal here. The waffle fries are always good here. Great service and friendly people. I wish they would bring back 5 roast beef sandwiches for 5 bucks.

Arby's - 16415 E Admiral Pl

Rating: 3.6 - 44 Votes

16415 E Admiral Pl, Tulsa OK 74116
(918) 438-7557

The drive thru window worker did a very good job maintaining himself as the place was definitely busy! Even so the food came out fresh and Delicious. Always good to know you made the right last minute decision for dinner

Arby's - 6331 E Admiral Pl

Rating: 3.3 - 44 Votes

6331 E Admiral Pl, Tulsa OK 74115
(918) 835-4377

In love with the Hawaiian King rolls with ham. Wish they would extend the hours that they make them 1/2 price. And if you like salted caramel, chocolate cookies, get is the best cookie I have had in my life!!!!! And I'm almost 40 and I am a sweets connoisseur! The Bomb cookie! Get you one!

Arby's - 9419 E 71st St

Rating: 3.2 - 46 Votes

9419 E 71st St, Tulsa OK 74133
(918) 250-3831

Hard to beat predictable Arby's for a delicious Roast Beef and tasty curly fries. They also have really good salads. Grill chicken is an especially good choice. There's something comforting about stopping in when nothing really sounds that good. You can always be sure that you'll get a great-tasting meals from this more

Arby's - 4143 S Peoria Ave

Rating: 3.1 - 50 Votes

4143 S Peoria Ave, Tulsa OK 74105
(918) 749-3993

Impressive variety. Great job on new sandwhiches offered( Ruben not-to-be missed)...also the Gyro. They deserve more business. ie- how does McDonald's do better than Arby's when Arby's beats them by a mile in taste and quality of service?


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