Arby's in Tulsa

Arby's - 12926 E 21st St

Rating: 4.4

12926 E 21st St, Tulsa OK 74129
(918) 437-9238

Because they have the meats.... For sandwiches.

Arby's - 4027 S Garnett Rd

Rating: 4.3

4027 S Garnett Rd, Tulsa OK 74145
(918) 270-2877

The store was so clean. Paul took my order and his customer service was exceptional.

Arby's - 9101 S Yale Ave

Rating: 4.3

9101 S Yale Ave, Tulsa OK 74137
(918) 492-8122

Good for a quick the jamocha shake

Arby's - 5980 S 49th W Ave

Rating: 4.3

5980 S 49th W Ave, Tulsa OK 74107
(918) 445-6835

Roast beef and cheddar - 😋

Arby's - 1443 S Memorial Dr

Rating: 4.2

1443 S Memorial Dr, Tulsa OK 74112
(918) 838-0997

The food is so awesome and amazing 😍! I think the roast beef sandwich is the best. With some curly fries. With a side of ketchup too dip the fries into. Oh and a large drink.

Arby's - 2918 E 11th St

Rating: 4.2

2918 E 11th St, Tulsa OK 74104
(918) 583-8545

I love Arby's!! They are always so nice and the food is always good.

Arby's - 4143 S Peoria Ave

Rating: 4

4143 S Peoria Ave, Tulsa OK 74105
(918) 749-3993

Employees were very nice. Quick to solve issues. And surprised with the salad I ordered was fresh!

Arby's - 4335 Southwest Blvd

Rating: 4

4335 Southwest Blvd, Tulsa OK 74107
(918) 446-2050

Best curly fries ever..... You get a good amount of meat for the money

Arby's - 16415 E Admiral Pl

Rating: 3.8

16415 E Admiral Pl, Tulsa OK 74116
(918) 438-7557

Tried the bourbon bbq brisket today & it was amazing! Keep it up...u guys are rockin it!!!

Arby's - 201 W 5th St Ste 100

Rating: 3.8

201 W 5th St Ste 100, Tulsa OK 74103
(918) 599-0830

I have always loved Arby's food the roast beef and cheddar I love the Italian sub I like the salads I like the sandwiches they are grateful the price is a little high but you're paying for the roast beef so I don't get to eat there often but when I do I get what I want and I love it and you have to try the chocolate more

Arby's - 6331 E Admiral Pl

Rating: 3.8

6331 E Admiral Pl, Tulsa OK 74115
(918) 835-4377

ONN has claimed that smell good counters were not sticky tables were not sticky the floor was swept the food was absolutely hot was not overdressed good proportion amounts I mean it might have been the best fast-food experience I've had in a long time

Arby's - 4909 S Yale Ave

Rating: 3.8

4909 S Yale Ave, Tulsa OK 74135
(918) 622-1413

The best Arby's in town. Fast service-- drive thru or inside. Staff hustles. Friendly. Drink fountain is backlit & it is awesome ! Food is Arby's (pretty good- 3*). Classic roast beef & turkey gyro always do the trick for me ! But this location is the best.

Arby's - 9419 E 71st St

Rating: 3.8

9419 E 71st St, Tulsa OK 74133
(918) 250-3831

Hard to beat predictable Arby's for a delicious Roast Beef and tasty curly fries. They also have really good salads. Grill chicken is an especially good choice. There's something comforting about stopping in when nothing really sounds that good. You can always be sure that you'll get a great-tasting meals from this more

Arby's - 6919 S Lewis Ave

Rating: 3.7

6919 S Lewis Ave, Tulsa OK 74105
(918) 492-6170

I get coupons for Arbys almost every month, which I love. This particular resturant is within walking distance of my home which makes it great for me! The workers are always friendly and suggest the most inexpensive way to get what you want.

Arby's - 7117 S Olympia Ave

Rating: 3.7

7117 S Olympia Ave, Tulsa OK 74132
(918) 447-3711

I've always thought Arby's was a little pricey. But in recent years the menu has expanded. The sandwiches are more like you would get in a more upscale place and worth the money. Can you say "BACON"?

Arby's - 4641 N Peoria Ave

Rating: 3.7

4641 N Peoria Ave, Tulsa OK 74126
(918) 425-2553

Good food great experience

Arby's - 10118 S Memorial Dr

Rating: 3.6

10118 S Memorial Dr, Tulsa OK 74133
(918) 369-5007

Fast courteous service and my order was correct.

Arby's - 1943 S Harvard Ave

Rating: 3.5

1943 S Harvard Ave, Tulsa OK 74112
(918) 747-2935

The roast beef is good but I have been enjoying the Italian sub.


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