Stevo's Pizza

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1019 State St, Erie
(814) 454-2418



Reviews for Stevo's Pizza

Deeply disappointed 😔 With all the rave about this place and strong local recommendation it's not up to par. Told this was the best place for pepperoni balls; they were dry and seriously lacking in pepperoni. The actual pizza we ordered was swimming in grease, had low quality ingredients, and way too sweet of pizza sauce. Not worth the money it costs.

😡..😷 They got bad service and once we order last time the chili cheese fries wasn't even done I found a piece of hair in it and on top of that. they said we couldn't Order anymore and they couldn't even give me a reason why I couldn't order and I will never called to this place ever again.. 😒

I'm not a person that cares more about decor and atmosphere . than the food.I was there for the PIZZA!!!!! The staff were VERY . FRIENDLY; an ABSOLUTE MUST 4 ME🍕 My husband and I were . in Erie for a wedding and arrived early so we went here for lunch,. And They KNOCKED OUR SOCKS OFF 🤩🤗😯 !!!!!!! If you are a . Food Lover who doesnt give a sh** about superficial things Ex.. Atmosphere/ decor COME TO STEVOS ~ YOU >WON'T< REGRET IT🇭🇺

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Monday 10:30 am - 11:00 pm
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6" Classic Italian$2.99
12" Meatball$4.75


Stuffed Green Pepper
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