Chengdu Taste

Chinese, Szechuan

495 Smith St, Providence
(401) 729-5699


Reviews for Chengdu Taste

Wow!!! They've got typical American version of Chinese food, and it's good, but I went with friends from Beijing who ordered for me. Best Chinese food I've had since living in Shanghai in 2007. Delicious flavors, not too spicy for my American palette, and totally authentic.

We love this authentic Chinese restaurant! You have to get the steam Shanghai little juicy pork buns and I promise you, you won't regret it! They are similar to soup dumplings without a lot of soup. They are super tasty! The shrimp dumplings were also delicious! One of the better ones I have had in the state. I have had the Mei fun and their noodles are thicker than typical Mei fun I'm ein and Mei fun are both okay, pretty bland in my opinion. I did really enjoy their pork full review

Good r great & price reasonable but the kids r the servers & they don't want to be there. We ended up helping carry the dishes onto table because little girls got her hands full.

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