Pelican's SnoBalls

Shaved Snow

630 W Main St, Spartanburg
(570) 975-7415


Reviews for Pelican's SnoBalls

The flavors are great, my spearmint was awesome. However, my daughter had a stuffed oreo regular snowball at this location and the ice cream tasted like it was freezer burnt :-( We usually have a great experience during our visits at various Pelicans. The one on Reidville Rd has the best stuffed snowballs. Especially, with the banana pudding flavor with whipped cream. Overall Pelicans have great snowballs.

A delightful, quick, polite place to pick up your Snoball. They use high quality ice, have an excellent collection of flavors (POG is by far the best), and never skimp on the syrup. Go frequently and take advantage of the 20% discount by buying their 'Pelican bucks' coins $20 at a time.

Great place to get a snoball. Tons of flavors to choose from. And adding cream is a must! Up to 2 flavors are included with cream (if you want it) and tax already included in the price...Dont know what the price is of the small and medium but the Lg is 4.50, Avalanche is $5. Some of our favorite combos are Guava/Honeydew with cream, Tiger's Blood/Wedding Cake with Cream, and Black cherry/Pina Colada with Cream. The pics below are from the one in Roebuck. Some of the full review

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