Arby's in Knoxville

Arby's - 2657 E Magnolia Ave

Rating: 4 - 61 Reviews


2657 E Magnolia Ave, Knoxville TN 37914
(865) 523-2835


Eat here as much as I can. Food is always correct and delicious. Hot and piled high. Great service everytime I come in! No complaints!

Arby's - 5228 Clinton Hwy

Rating: 4 - 64 Reviews


5228 Clinton Hwy, Knoxville TN 37912
(865) 688-3200


Average one of the meal fast food joint. They have expanded their menu and have a lot more to offer if you haven't been in years like myself. They have the meats

Arby's - 7000 Maynardville Pike

Rating: 4 - 56 Reviews


7000 Maynardville Pike, Knoxville TN 37918
(865) 922-0324


Always great food and service from Arby's one of my favorite fast food restaurants

Arby's - 6909 Kingston Pike

Rating: 3.9 - 75 Reviews


6909 Kingston Pike, Knoxville TN 37919
(865) 212-2254


I go to this Arby's a lot, the manager there is lovely and she works extremely hard. Never have I had food that wasnt fresh here.

Arby's - 4849 N Broadway

Rating: 3.8 - 70 Reviews


4849 N Broadway, Knoxville TN 37918
(865) 689-6978


Arby's is awesome! Reubens are delicious! Chicken salad is really good too.The orange creamsicle milkshake is to die for!!!! Gotta try these if you haven't yet! All their good is great, you can't go wrong!

Arby's - 7122 Strawberry Plains Pike

Rating: 3.8 - 81 Reviews


7122 Strawberry Plains Pike, Knoxville TN 37914
(865) 523-2191

The lady that took my order...5 stars, the guy putting my order in the bag...he arranged my order photo perfect!, the curly fries...5 stars, the sandwich...5 stars, the lady cleaning and disinfecting in the dining room...5 stars, Cleanliness in the bathroom...5 stars, overall it was the best experience I've had at more

Arby's - 408 Lovell Rd

Rating: 3.8 - 85 Reviews


408 Lovell Rd, Knoxville TN 37934
(865) 675-7799


Highly recommended for great services. Not my favorite but the quality of services is spectacular

Arby's - 2750 Schaad Rd

Rating: 3.7 - 60 Reviews


2750 Schaad Rd, Knoxville TN 37921
(865) 947-2906

We were delighted with our experience today at Arby's. The lady that took our order seemed genuinely happy to help us. She was patient while I needed some time to decide and got everything correct. The gentleman that took our money and shortly later bought us our food was also sweet and kind. I believe his name was more

Arby's - 10816 Hardin Valley Rd

Rating: 3.7 - 16 Reviews


10816 Hardin Valley Rd, Knoxville TN 37932
(865) 690-2705


I was impressed with the overall look And the friendliness of the crew. I've been to Arby's restaurants before but I have to say this is one of the nicest ones I've seen...

Arby's - 2819 Chapman Hwy

Rating: 3.6 - 73 Reviews


2819 Chapman Hwy, Knoxville TN 37920
(865) 577-7971


The manager and the girl tiffany , I assume That's her name it was on the receipt were very energetic and polite , fantastic service and food.❤

Arby's - 400 N Cedar Bluff Rd

Rating: 3.6 - 67 Reviews


400 N Cedar Bluff Rd, Knoxville TN 37923
(865) 693-1445

I often get food here after getting off work late, and I have to say tonight (and most other nights) the service was exceptional. I really appreciated the lady working tonight, Melanie, I believe it was. Or atleast that's what the recept said. But she was so polite and great at customer service. I'd give 6 stars if I more

Arby's - 5345 Millertown Pike

Rating: 3.4 - 14 Reviews


5345 Millertown Pike, Knoxville TN 37924
(865) 673-2003

New location that has just opened up. I typically do not try brand new establishments within the first week of opening, but the family was hungry for Arby's, so we gave it a go. They were busy, as expected for a new location on a Saturday. However, they seemed to be chugging along at a decent clip. The only issue was more

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