Single Wide

Dive Bar

2110 Greenville Ave, Dallas
(214) 824-5588



Reviews for Single Wide

Extra star for environment and very tasty yoohoo yeehaw cocktail. Unfortunately, the bartender working 09/01 - brunette woman - was extremely rude. After ordering multiple drinks for friends, I asked to do a $2 dice roll (a fun gimmick they have there) to which she rolled her eyes, left taking many more orders, and then came back. After rolling the dice she gave me the #2 and when I asked if I could please have a sprite as well she exclaimed NO very angrily and immediately full review

Single Wide is an absolute treasure in Dallas. They have a good beer list, all hard liquors you need and an excellent rock and roll dive vibe. The soundtrack was excellent punk and rock songs. Sleazy red string lights make you feel comfortable slouching and tipping them back. Walls are lined with painting (including some nude characters) and taxidermy animals. Place is a great relief from traditional bars.

Single Wide was really cool. They definitely nail the theme they're going for without trying to overdo it. The decorations were all spot on, from the hubcaps on the wall, to the red Christmas lights and taxidermy. Overall, however, the thing I liked best is that it was a comfortable place. If you can suspend your disbelief just a bit and visit before it's too busy, it actually kind of feels like you're in a house... if that house were in an 80's horror film ( full review

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