Denny's in Houston

Denny's - 22671 Eastex Fwy

Rating: 4.3

22671 Eastex Fwy, Kingwood TX 77339
(281) 359-3096

Quick service and solid coffee. Would happily visit again

Denny's - 12405 Westheimer Rd

Rating: 4.3

12405 Westheimer Rd, Houston TX 77077
(281) 752-7238

I eat at Denny's every now and then and am always happy with the consistent excellentt quality of food and service. It's hard to beat their prices too for a full sit-down meal.

Denny's - 17225 A Crosby Fwy

Rating: 4.3

17225 A Crosby Fwy, Houston TX 77049
(281) 962-2133

This is such a great place for a good meal in a relaxing visit. The staff is always very attentive. Today we met new staff member, Gail, who will be an added bonus for this location.

Denny's - 2120 N Loop W

Rating: 4.2

2120 N Loop W, Houston TX 77018
(713) 686-9055

Ladies in my department were hungry this morning, one suggested breakfast- I mentioned Denny's. We all placed our order online. It was easy to place the order but selected customize and only gave a few options. Had to cram in to a space at bottom of page. I had the bird nest breakfast (egg cooked in the bun) with more

Denny's - 6711 W Sam Houston Pkwy S

Rating: 4.2

6711 W Sam Houston Pkwy S, Houston TX 77072
(713) 484-6340

delicious food but honestly very slow pace delivery. you have to wait for hours. get your staff some energy drink please especially on weekends.

Denny's - 3332 S Loop W

Rating: 4.1

3332 S Loop W, Houston TX 77025
(713) 666-0999

Wow this was by far the best, most pleasant, and clean place I’ve been to here in Houston. Awesome waiter and food was prepared properly. I was starting to think everywhere here in Houston was total trash like Austin but this place changed that for me.

Denny's - 2316 Southmore Blvd

Rating: 4

2316 Southmore Blvd, Houston TX 77004
(713) 526-8400

My very first time there and the food was excellent. My server Towana was very friendly and such a ray of sunshine.. I will definitely be coming back🌷

Denny's - 1760 Farm to Market 1960 Rd W

Rating: 4

1760 Farm to Market 1960 Rd W, Houston TX 77090
(281) 440-6585

Great Service and location , My wife and I went on my Birthday (15th), I had a Grand Slam, All of the food was Great, My Pancakes were to Die for . !!!!!

Denny's - 12697 N Gessner Rd

Rating: 4

12697 N Gessner Rd, Houston TX 77064
(281) 469-5311

Staff are friendly great food salmon Cobb salad was excellent. Waiter was friendly and fast . Manager was doing what managers should do supporting staff by helping .

Denny's - 15919 North Fwy

Rating: 4

15919 North Fwy, Houston TX 77090
(281) 583-1767

People real friendly. Service excellent. My server showede how to order what I wanted and save money

Denny's - 9766-B Katy Fwy

Rating: 4

9766-B Katy Fwy, Houston TX 77055
(713) 722-9264

I always order french toast slam , servers are always very nice. What i love the most about Dennis is that the coffee is unlimited . although it would prefer if they would leave a carafe like they do at I-Hop. It is always busy but its worth the weight because its only a few restaurants that serve breakfast all day. more

Denny's - 9810 Gulf Fwy

Rating: 4

9810 Gulf Fwy, Houston TX 77034
(713) 946-0230

The service I received at this particular Denny's was remarkable. I honestly was treated better here than at some 5 star restaurants. Needed a late night bite to eat, and Denny's isn't necessarily my favorite place, but for some quick chicken fingers and fries, you can't go wrong. The servers made the meal, more

Denny's - 6060 Hillcroft St

Rating: 4

6060 Hillcroft St, Houston TX 77081
(713) 995-1148

Sat there for a while watching everyone, but me, get waited on. My waiter finally came over and it was smooth sailing after that. He was very nice and attentive.

Denny's - 11099 Northwest Fwy

Rating: 4

11099 Northwest Fwy, Houston TX 77092
(713) 263-0744

Always good food good reasonable prices.

Denny's - 11901 East Fwy

Rating: 4

11901 East Fwy, Houston TX 77029
(713) 455-5599

My husband took me to Danny's for my birthday this year, loved it

Denny's - 7707 Stuebner Airline Rd

Rating: 4

7707 Stuebner Airline Rd, Houston TX 77088
(281) 445-5828

Now Denny's has the option of crepes over pancakes. They were refreshingly delicious.

Denny's - 12862 Northwest Fwy

Rating: 4

12862 Northwest Fwy, Houston TX 77040
(713) 934-9911

They cook Really good. And fast. Fresh food every time we go. Good costumer guard. 10-10

Denny's - 8401 Westheimer Rd - Suite 190 Suite 190

Rating: 4

8401 Westheimer Rd - Suite 190 Suite 190, Houston TX 77063
(832) 433-7660

I Love to go eat at Denny's the service is great and so is the food.

Denny's - 1104 N Sam Houston Pkwy E

Rating: 3.8

1104 N Sam Houston Pkwy E, Houston TX 77032
(281) 227-1395

Fast and welcoming. The hamburgers are so good. It was so big and fresh. Whatever town you are in, Denny's will be reliable good food at a reasonable price

Denny's - 6969 Gulf Fwy

Rating: 3.8

6969 Gulf Fwy, Houston TX 77087
(713) 242-0156

I love Denny's. This place got a huge face lift since the last time I went. Food was good nothing too offensive. Staff was nice. Recommend going to this location.


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