Rosa's CafƩ & Tortilla Factory - 13011 Indiana Ave

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13011 Indiana Ave, Lubbock
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Reviews for Rosa's Cafe

The FLAME-GRILLED aroma of BEEF FAJITAS greeting you outside the FESTIVE & COLORFUL building is only further enhanced by TASTING their IDEAL FLAVOR while being SERENADED by a PLEASANT mix of Latino music! CONSISTENTLY FRIENDLY, FAST, & TASTY at any LBK location my wife and I have been to regularly over the years! BEEF FAJITA NACHOS with BLACK BEANS for the first time: DELICIOUS! A new FAVORITE of mine!

I can't believe that a 4in bean burrito is $1.79 and a 4in ground beef burrito with cheese is $3.79? Wow! The food was decent. If you want real good Mexican food you need to go over to the east side. Polibertos! I am not totally bashing this place! I just can't believe that the prices are so high.

While I was eating my dinner Domino's Pizza delivered the staff pizza.... Really?? The roasted jalapenos were still crunchy. Worst experience I have ever had at any location. Definitely won't be going back to this location....FM1585 and Indiana.

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