4 Best Barbeque Restaurants in Paris

Smokin Good Eats Barbecue • $
455 N Main St, Paris

Customers` Favorites

Loaded Fries
Pulled Pork

“Got a meat plate with brisket, cabbage with bacon and potatoes. It was delicious. Excellent flavor. Just the right amount of spice. Plenty of food. Super friendly folks. Great experience. Will definitely be coming back! Looking forward to trying more of the menu.“

4.9 Superb19 Reviews
Fireside BBQ, LLC Barbecue •
6536 FM195, Paris

“Ordered a 2-meat plate, takeout: sliced & chopped beef. At home, I found out it was up to me to ask for a second tub of sauce. One slice of Texas-style, white bread straight from the plastic sleeve.Beans are done to a soft goodness with meat bits.Slaw has a cheese color dressing (tho I don't find a texture of cheese). There is a definite jalapeno fire/bite.German Potato Salad has a vinegar-based dressing.Meat is slightly pungent with spices to my taste buds. Is there a clue to determine the process is a rub versus mop sauce? Bread pudding. Sweet tea. The review: tea was bitter; lean on sugar. The awesome bread pudding could have shared some of it's sugar with the tea. I grew up in the early days of Dairy Queen chicken fried steak and gravy. Texas bread has to be buttered & toasted to either make an unbendable sandwich or to shovel gravy (sopping sauce on a BBQ plate, in this case). By finish, my taste buds were worn by the bite in the tea, the jalapeno slaw, the vinegar potato salad, and the meat's spice undertone. FYI, this was a first visit. A second visit might give different results. I would definitely like a second visit. Window service was excellent. Different food selections might mean that 5th star can be found inside that Airstream.“

4.9 Superb7 Reviews
Phat Phil's BBQ Barbecue • $
1343 S Church St, Paris

Customers` Favorites

Potato Salad Cowboy Beans and Chopped Brisket
Pulled Pork Sandwich
Brisket Sandwich
Banana Pudding
Beef Brisket

“well gosh darn! my family and i stopped off at this roadside establishment for a quick meal, and diggity darn! well, we done jumped high in the air clicked our heels in pure joy, at the flavour of that fiiiiiine succulent brisket. why, i think im gon' return every day of the year, y'all. why, my may meemaw hasn'nt. walked in three years, but as soon as little morsel of fine phat phils entered her gullet, she was right as rain, i aint ever seen her so darn joyful since the wedding. PRAISE THE LORD!!!!“

4.4 Superb30 Reviews
Scholl Bros. BBQ Barbecue • $
1528 Lamar Ave, Paris

Customers` Favorites

Brisket Plate with Baked Beans and Potatoes
Baked Potato with Chopped Beef Brisket
Loaded Scholl Bros BBQ Baked Potato
Scholls BBQ Meats Per Pound
Baked Potato Casserole
The Scholl's Slammwich
2 Meat Plate 2 Sides
My ½ of 2 Meat Trey
Pittsburgh Hot Links
Lean Brisket Plate

“Amazing food and experience!! We stopped through town while traveling and wanted some Texas BBQ. It did not disappoint. We got the Family Pack for 4, which had more than enough for the 4 of us and we are leaving with food for tmrw. We got the sliced brisket, pulled pork and both were delicious. The sides were great too! We got the baked potato casserole, mexicorn (YUM), cowboy beans (not our fav, would go baked beans next time), and an extra side of white cheddar Mac with bacon. Omg. It was all great!“

3.9 Good101 Reviews
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