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Went there this past Saturday. Nice place, too bad the service was terrible and the management is terrible. We had a reservation for a VIP area and when we were seated we put in a drink order. We ordered 4 clase Azul (black bottle) tequilas and 45 min later still had no drinks. Due to the price of the tequila, I wanted them to bring the bottle to the table so we could see we were getting what we paid for. Instead at about 50 min they brought out 4 clase Azul Blanco (with the bottle) full review

This place is excellent if you enjoy spending $65 for two house old fashions with well whiskey. Paramour is the place to be if you like being charged an automatic 20% service charge on every order with no signage of this in plain view. If a good time to you is being lectured after moving a chair a couple inches, then look no further as you have arrived at the exclusive Paramour.

Original review I did back in '15 was 5*. Not sure how much they have changed, or maybe I have changed but best I could do on this go-round is 3* (if that). Prices were never cheap, but I'm not sure if San Antonio is ready for the $20 (and up) cocktail unless the customer is specifying a top shelf brand in the order. Wine and beers are more reasonable, but the selection is quite limited. There's still a nice view looking north and northwest, but the east and full review

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