8 Best Asian Fusion Restaurants near Webster

Michiru Sushi • $$
20911 Gulf Fwy, Webster

Customers` Favorites

Japanese Red Snapper Carpaccio
Yellowtail Jalapeno
Sushi Sushimi Combo
Sashimi Platter
Red Dragon Roll
Seaweed Salad
Trio Sushi
Miso Soup
Cuban 8

“Really great service and great food. Came with my 4 year old who recently discovered her love for sushi, and we were treated very well. Our server, Ethan, was accommodating, and the sushi was delicious.They have some dedicated vegetarian sushi rolls, including a tempura sweet potato roll that was incredible. They had a few other vegetarian options but I was stuff after 4 rolls. I will definitely be back to try the portobello!“

4.6 Superb72 Reviews
Pho Barr Vietnamese • $
803 E NASA Pkwy #148, Webster

Customers` Favorites

Grilled Chicken Spring Rolls
Grilled Pork Spring Rolls
Fish Sauce Chicken Wings
Rice Plate with Chicken
Mama Special Egg Rolls
Grilled Ribeye Banh MI
Phoborr Ultimate Fries
Grilled Pork Banh MI
Fried Dumplings
Takoyaki 5pcs

“Pho Barr is raising the bar for Vietnamese food in the Webster area. I would put the restaurant up there with some of the top restaurants in the greater Houston area.The humble front of the building conceals one of the coolest decorated restaurants I’ve seen in a while. While keeping true to the Vietnamese roots of this cuisine, there is something distinctly Texan and H-town about this place. I’m loving the aesthetic from the Vietnamese murals to the neon wall decorations and lighting. I was feeling the ambiance and vibe of a place you can hang out and have a great night.The service was prompt, being greeted and shown to a seat right away. Drinks were brought to the table immediately and the food arrived what seemed like mere minutes after ordering.I ordered the Cơm tấm sườn bì chả (Broken rice with grilled pork chop) and the Vermicelli bowl with grilled ribeye. To drink I ordered Bạc Xỉu (Vietnamese White Coffee).The Cơm Tấm Sườn Bì Chả was exceptional. I had planned on just getting a bánh mì until I saw this on the menu. It says its seasonal, so I’m not sure if its temporary but you need to come get this asap. The pork chop was tender, juicy and incredibly flavorful. The rice was good and the shredded pork skin was an amazing addition. It added a nice little crunch to the meal. The egg cake (Chả Trứng) was delicious . It was like a quiche with the consistency of meatloaf. There was a hot sauce that accented the meal perfectly. All around the dish was astounding and astonishingly good. The Vermicelli bowl with ribeye was really good. The ribeye was cooked to perfection and the nước mắm was really good. I couldn’t believe the portion size. I’m not usually paying attention to portion size but the sheer amount of meat in this bowl was impossible to ignore. It definitely put some other restaurants to shame.The Bạc Xỉu was very good. This was my first time trying it. I usually get cà phê sữa đá or cà phê muối, so this was a nice change of pace. It had a smooth, delicate flavor and almost reminded me of chocolate milk with more of a coffee flavor but lacking the strong bitter coffee taste of cà phê sữa đá. I enjoyed it.The menu here was quite large with an impressive variety. I cannot wait to come back and try some of the other dishes and drinks. Please show Pho Barr some love. Your appetite will thank you!“

4.5 Superb100 Reviews
Spring Roll Honey Chicken Grills • $
435 El Dorado Blvd, Webster

Customers` Favorites

Mutton Noodles Catering
Tuna Spring Rolls App
Devil Chicken Rice
Crispy Pork Belly
Chicken Fried Rice
Chicken Wings
Fried Chicken
Fish Rolls

“My wife and I love this place.. the Korean Honey wings are top notch! Crunchy and sweet with a perfect touch of heat! We had no clue we loved Sri Lankan cuisine until we tried the fried rice that can be ordered to your desired heat level, we like it spicy. If you’re looking for something different at a great price this is THE place to try“

4.6 Superb40 Reviews
Okii Poke - Webster Hawaiian • $
1416 FM 528 Rd STE#C, Webster

Customers` Favorites

Honey Wasabi Ahi Bowl
Okii Classic Bowl
Custom Poke Bowl
Shaggy Dog Bowl
Build Your Own
Shrimp Tempura
Okii Classic
Spicy Mayo
Spicy Tuna

“This place is great! Make your own poke bowl. We sit down sometime, but most of the time we get it to go to eat while we're moving. It's quick and so much healthier than fast food. We've only been there a few times and they already know my order. The raw fish is fresh and delicious, but they have some cooked options as well if you don't like sushi. My 13 year old loves this place too“

4.5 Superb57 Reviews
Nobi Public House Asian Fusion • $
241 E NASA Pkwy, Webster

Customers` Favorites

Shaking Beef with Fried Rice and Egg
Combination Fried Rice with Egg
Chargrilled Pork with Egg Roll
Shrimp and Pork Spring Rolls
Nobi Egg Sandwich with Pork
Shrimp Banh MI with Egg
Butter Garlic Wings
Pork Fried Rice
Wonton Soup Cup
Pork Sandwich

“Beer selection is awesome. Also the banh mi is great. I suggest trying the breakfast banh mi with fluffy scrambled eggs and fried pork. Ask them to add the usual veggies to it or on the side. This is the best version there. Without veggies its terrible, but with cilantro, carrot, and some jalapenos, its the best one so far. I tried ordering a pork sandwich with scrambled eggs but that was not the same.“

4.3 Superb100 Reviews
Bonchon Webster - West Bay Area Blvd Asian Fusion • $
300 W Bay Area Blvd Suite 700, Webster

Customers` Favorites

Radish and Street Corn
Garlic Parmesan Fries
Korean Fried Chicken
Korean Street Corn
Soy Garlic Wings
Chicken Wings
Korean Donuts
Chicken Katsu

“The wings and the service are great. The seating area is small and has a sports bar feeling to it. The sauce flavors were great (soy garlic and spicy Korean bbq). However the fried rice is too plain and basic specially for the price. My wife did return it and got additional wings in return. The manager was very understanding and took care of us. Will return again for their $1 wings on Mondays and Tuesdays.“

4.2 Good120 Reviews
Masa Sushi Japanese • $$
977 E NASA Pkwy, Webster

Customers` Favorites

Cucumber Avocado Hand Roll
Shrimp Tempura Bento Box
Chicken Teriyaki
Sushi & Sashimi
Chicken Katsu
Fried Rice
Masa Tower
Spicy Tuna
Miso Soup

“2019 called...they want their prices back. Apparently these guys missed the inflation memo. My wife and I came here for our anniversary dinner tonight and the quality of the food was outstanding as we expected. The bill however ended up being about half of what we thought we'd spend. We had the Sushi B, Maki Combo plus some appetizers and Saki. We left completely full and very happy with the great service.“

4.1 Good54 Reviews
Cajun Cafe Cajun/Creole • $$
Baybrook Mall, Webster

Customers` Favorites


“I was really craving crunchy fried chicken but wasn’t expecting to find any at the food court. Only this place outta all of the stalls had what resembled it, so I gave it a try and OMG ? their “Cajun fried chicken” it was amazing! ? So crunchy and flavorful with the dry Chili’s to nibble with every bite! So glad I tried it! ?“

3.6 Good14 Reviews
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