Fast Food Restaurants near Santaquin



Subway Sandwich Shop • $
285 E Main St, Santaquin

Customers` Favorites

The Ultimate B M T
Meatball Marinara
Subway Club
The Beast
Bacon Egg
The Boss

“I ordered subway through the app and the door dash driver ended up stealing 2 of our sandwiches but ended up bringing them back to the store. Dakota was amazing while I was on the phone with her. And was absolutely amazing when we went to the store. She remade our sandwiches and gave us cookies for all the trouble. Thank you soo much Dakota for everything!!!“

3.8 Good28 Reviews
Dairy Queen Grill & Chill Fast Food • $
74 Highland Dr, Santaquin

Customers` Favorites

Chicken Strip Basket of Onion Rings
Poorly Made Banana Split
Butterfinger Blizzard
Soft Pretzel Sticks
Strawberry Sundae
Ice Cream Cake
Bacon Ranch
Cheese Curds
French Fries

“Hey Y'ALL I genuinely think this DQ has a personal issue with me :( They always do me so dirty, the ice cream is always delish don't get me wrong but they never actually give me the right one. Once I asked for snickerdoodle and they gave me Snickers which I can see the miscommunication there but I was so sad cause I hate Snickers. This thime tonight me and my bestie girl went to DQ and we ordered two blizzards and we only got one and there was only one on the receipt. Guess who's was missing, MINE! I would have spoken up but I'm just a girl and I get nervous :( I'm so devastated and so sad and I just want DQ to love me back:(“

3.3 Good83 Reviews
Iceberg Drive Inn- Santaquin Fast Food • $
34 Highland Dr, Santaquin

Customers` Favorites

Sweet Potato Fries
Chicken Sandwich
Cookies & Cream
Chocolate Chip
Fish Sandwich
Sandwich Only
Dinner & Shake
Almond Fudge
French Fries

“Friendly staff, quick service, interesting and clean environment, super yummy food. Ice cream shakes are wonderful!“

3.1 Average93 Reviews
Arctic Circle Fast Food • $
100 400 E, Santaquin

Customers` Favorites

Tater Tots

“This location is hit or miss. Sometimes they quickly get a large order out accurately and sometimes they struggle to get a single item out. It seems to have nothing to do with how busy they are. The last time I went I tried the new chicken sandwich. It was way over cooked.“

2.1 Poor30 Reviews
McDonald's Fast Food • $
38 N 500 E, Santaquin

Customers` Favorites

McDonald's Big Mac
Ice Cream Cone
French Fries
Happy Meal

“Not bad but for the ongoing app problems, the app keeps opening every time I turn on my devices and even keeps opening over and over so I need to delete it and download it again when I want to use it. It's also ridiculous that paying cash when picking up at the counter isn't an option.“

2.2 Poor52 Reviews
Payson Canyon Pizza Co Pizza •
1392 Turf Farm Way STE 9, Payson

Customers` Favorites


“I ordered a pizza for my little brothers birthday since I couldn't be there and they wrote a message in the box, really appreciate it“

4.8 Superb33 Reviews
Street Tacos Tarricaso Fast Food • $
1184-1234 W 800 S, Payson

Customers` Favorites

Cheese Quesadilla
Pork Al Pastor

“Food is made with love! Every last bite was amazing.Got the quesadilla with steak & two al pastor tacosVIP style and left my girlfriend and I without words.Service is also 10/10, just amazing people who love to serve!! If more people served like them, there would be world peace.“

4.8 Superb25 Reviews
Barry's Parkview Drive Inn Fast Food • $
115 S Main St, Spanish Fork

Customers` Favorites

Chicken Cordon Bleu Sandwich
Deluxe Cheeseburger
Western Bacon Burger
Pastrami Burgers
Burger and Fries
Piccadilly Chips
Teriyaki Chicken
Fried Mushrooms
Fish and Chips
Fish Sandwich

“I was standing in line and the guy in front of me told his friend to order the Pastrami burger. He said it was the best he had had. I decided to try it myself and it was wonderful. The pastrami was moist, sliced like thick cut bacon, so not so thin that it was dry, but thin enough to pile on the burger patty. I like saucy burgers and this one had plenty. Overall very glad Iade this choice. They had fry sauce like most Utah burger joints but they also had white sauce which was very good. Not sure what it was exactly but it tasted like sour cream thinned with milk. It was the same consistency as fry sauce so it could not have been just sour cream. I wondered if it was thinned with Mayo but I did not get a Mayo taste. Plenty of fries came with the combo meal. I will make sure to come back for lunch again.

Parking: The parking lot is small. When it is crowded you have to be careful backing up to make sure no people or cars eagerly waiting for your spot are in the way.“

3.8 Good100 Reviews


Subway Sandwich Shop • $
442 N State Rd (Sr) 198, Salem

Customers` Favorites

The Mexicali

“These guys are boss af. I couldn’t get their online to work, I couldn’t get a hold of someone at my local Subway. I walked in with a 15 sandwich order and these guys busted balls on it. They were so understanding and so sweet about it. Made the whole experience so easy for me and they don’t even know how appreciative I was they took an order this big on the spot for me. And they were nice enough to help me to my car with it all! I can’t say enough good things about this one!“

4.1 Good25 Reviews
Glade's Drive Inn Fast Food • $
296 S Main St, Spanish Fork

Customers` Favorites

Double Cheeseburger
Famous White Sauce
Chicken Sandwich
Fish and Chips
Grilled Cheese
Chicken Strips
Fish & Chips
French Fries
Onion Rings
Sea Burger

“This place is well known for their shakes. I call it more ice cream because they are thick they way they should be and can be eaten with a spoon. I got a marshmallow brownie mix and it did not disappoint. Not much of an atmosphere being on the street, but very enjoyable.“

3.7 Good90 Reviews